3 thoughts on “Generation game, Round 32964

  1. Ah, the usual silliness.

    Two small trends, however, that I come across…
    1. in the meedja, I think the baby boomers are discovering that the search for a younger audience is putting us mob out of work. The ABC and SBS are both deep in this, for instance. Front people and presenters may become endearing – think Stratton and probably Adams – but the backroom mob are a lot younger.
    2. The increased casualisation of academic staff makes us mob disposable as well.

    In other words, wherever we can’t defend ourselves in these competitive knowledge industries, we will probably be thrown out. Considering the kind of retirement provisions we were unable to make since pay was always crap and the work irregular, that is pretty dangerous. Will we be able to work ourselves to the grave as we need to do?

    That is sort of an intergenerational conflict if you want to really torture the idea into that shape.

  2. “Mr Salt, a partner at KPMG, predicts a generational war within the next decade between the domineering boomers – born between 1946 and 1961 – and generation Xers – born between 1961 and 1976.”

    I was born in 1961, so which side of the war should I be on? Am I in no-man’s-land. Should I form a peace-keeping force? It’s so confusing – somebody please tell me what to think!

  3. The last line sums it up:
    “Ultimately the Xers will win, Mr Salt said, given that boomers will start to die off by 2020.”

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