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The election has stimulated an explosion of new and revived blogs, aggregators and other websites, and has brought others to my attention for the first time. Here are a few that have caught my eye, in no particular order.

The Daily Flute has excellent economic analysis, mostly serious, but currently looking at the continuous misfortunes of the Persian rug shop industry

Psephite is currently running an assessment of pollies’ websites, most of which are awful. Minor gripe: she uses the acryonym IA which I don’t recognise. As PH would say, “please explain”.

Hack Watch (Iain Lygo) criticises the media from a green perspective, and with an olive green background (quite similar to this, actually

The Poll Bludger (William Bowe) focuses mostly on polls, as you might expect.

Mumble (Peter Brent) also does polls and electorate analysis

I’ll extend this post as I get time, and maybe put up a special election blogroll.

7 thoughts on “Election blogs

  1. The “IA” that Psephite uses would probably refer to “information architecture,” which is basically a pretentious term for design and organisation. (See dot com.)

    I presume you’ve followed the debate in America over the role of blogs in the election, including what seems to be an emerging battle between journalists and bloggers. Some of the bloggers have taken to referring to mainstream media pejoratively as “Big Media,” while some media reports refer to bloggers as self-important. Quite interesting.

  2. Of course we are self important, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. And of course print meedja and teev are big, or they wouldn’t get distributed. Having said that, the relationship between the two is fascinating although it is hard to see how the paid journo sector is going to admit the bloggers make a difference.

  3. Many thanks for the link to Psephite.

    Yep, IA means information archiecture and yep, it’s pretty prententious. Unfortunately it’s the only term we’ve got for this ‘thing’. Anyway, have expanded all the acronyms and added a link to a set of definitions.

  4. Fear not, John; having recently completed an IA course at uni, I am still unsure of what the term means. My lecturer used it as a catch-all for when she wanted to say something design-related but also sound pretentious; in my readings online, it seems to refer mostly to structure, and how information is organised within a design.

  5. Hi John and others.
    Hackwatch is designed to expose partisan journalism from all sides, but with the Ferals at News Corp running amok on the Greens from the start of the campaign, there has naturally been a Green focus.
    Monitoring the media is time consuming and I can’t cover everything. If anyone wants to expose shoddy pro-labor, pro Green, or pro-dems articles they are most welcome to make a post on hackwatch.

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