Monday Message Board

It’s time for the Monday Message Board, where readers are invited to post their thoughts on any topic (civilised discussion and no coarse language, please). There will be plenty of posts from me on the election, and plenty of room for discussion, so I’d encourage Message Board comments on other issues.

52 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. I’m wondering perhaps whether JQ’s opposition to “blue water navies” is in fact a scepticism towards the role of the surface warship in modern warfare?

    As to blue water navies, perhaps we agree to differ. I say we can and should have blue water capability even though we can’t afford a carrier, and that such capability is still useful. Not all threats can send carriers against us, and even where they can, our possession of effective surface threats imposes some restrictions on the enemy’s own deployment.

    It would be silly for an island nation to make do with a brown water navy.

    As to East Timor, I was thinking more of events after our forces arrived. Had Indonesia refused permission for entry in the first place, it would have had more than Australia to deal with.

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