10 thoughts on “The ultimate Mandy Rice-Davies moment

  1. This puts Jeanette in the great tradition of outraged wives of Liberal PMs, going back to Bettina Gorton (whose poem about Edward St John QC MP ‘the member with the serpent’s tongue’ made the front page of The Australian) and including Tammy Fraser (‘lower than a snake’s duodenum’).

  2. I signed, though with some reservations about ‘the usual suspects’ which I mentioned to the organizers. I guess it all helps to reinforce the message for anyone who’s still listening and still undecided.

  3. FWIW I think tend to agree with the Westminster idea of bureaucratic transparency, executive accountability and ministerial responsibility in government. So I sympathise and applaud Pr Q for his dogged adherence to these idels. But I am prepared to relax my “due procedural” requirements on these issues during moments of national crisis when I feel that one party is simply not up to the job.
    From the mid-nineties onwards, the nation was navigating the twin Cutural Identity and National Security crises (and an Economic Prosperity proto-crsis with the Asian meltdown). After Keating got whacked, Hanson came on the scene & Timor hit the fan it was clear that the ALP party structure was politically moribund, the Cultural Left was in the throes of ideological hysterics and the political establishment was utterly clueless about what to do next.
    Howard was the only leader who looked even remotely capable of holding his nerve, keeping his party wired tight and steering the state in the right direction. I wanted Howard to be in the saddle so that conservatives would prevail in the Culture Wars and the US alliance would remain strong during the War on Terror.
    I believe that the Bad Means (dishonesty and unaccountability) Howard used were justified by the Good Ends (integrated identity and Anglospheric security) that he pursued. So, on Machiavellian Grounds, I gave John Howard a free pass for his dishonesty with respect to Children Overboard and Iraq WMDs.
    I am not entirely comfortable about this show of bad faith. I could also be wrong about the consequences of abusing process and irritating terrorists. But I console myself with the knowldege that many citizens, if they are committed to win in certain key areas, make private deals of this kind with dodgy politicians.
    I feel that the Cultural Left have shown signficant lack of candour in these areas. It would be nice if the “usual suspects” on the Cultural Left owned up to the fact that Howard has seen the nation through some tricky and treacherous waters on these issues. They have shown not the slightest sign of this so far, which is depressing.
    PS Latham’s non-factional political modus, non-pork barelling policy program and non-neurotic approach to ideology have greatly reassured me that the ALP is fit to govern.

  4. I see Jack Strocchi is taking the Morgan Polliing approach. Throw out so many contradictory statements that one of them must turn out right.

    Then point that one out in your advertising material. Or in Jack’s case, link back to it.

  5. Hannibal Lecturer at September 27, 2004 10:59 PM says that JackStrocchi takes

    the Morgan Polliing approach. Throw out so many contradictory statements that one of them must turn out right.

    Where have I contradicted my self?

  6. “My husband is not a liar: Mrs Howard
    By Miranda Devine and Kerry-Anne Walsh”

    Miranda for the entree and Kerry-Anne for the journalism.

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