Fox merges with the Onion

Following the Kerry manicure “parody” a day or two ago (see Josh Marshall for more details), Fox News has apparently become a fully-fledged subsidiary of The Onion. A story by “Jane Roh”[1] I read recently include a straight reference to “Communists for Kerry” and an interview with “Bush supporter Hugh G. Monument, VII”. You can read some quotes from the original, which I failed to save, at News Hounds. When I returned to the story about an hour later, it had been changed without acknowledgement, and the lead in to this part referred to “pranksters”.

Looking over the rest of the Fox site, it’s not clear which bits are intended as hoaxes, to be changed later, and which, if any, as straight news. For example there’s this story headed Scalia: Orgies Ought to Be Encouraged . The long-running gag in which Fox attempts to manufacture a scandal out of the UN Oil-for-Food program, based on documents supplied by Ahmed Chalabi, also gets a run.

If I could be bothered, I’d archive the current versions of all these stories for comparison with the versions appearing tomorrow. But I’ll leave this task to readers.

fn1. I have no idea whether this is a real person’s name, or some sort of humorous allusion to “Roe vs Wade”

One thought on “Fox merges with the Onion

  1. Fox “News” is a disgrace.
    I remember their coverage of the US bombing of an Iraqi wedding party that killed dozens of civilians including the entertainers from baghdad.
    The military claimed that their aircraft had been fired on from the ground.The next day the fox commentators ridiculed the locals claims and then went to air with a blonde bimbo in the middle east,supposedly saying that large quantities of shell casings had been found at the scene-“pretty telling I’d say”.
    Back to the panel for more ridicule and then cross to a military spokesman who said that this can’t have been a weding party because they were way out in the middle of nowhere.
    Well that’s where these people live and run their herds you dickhead.
    Fox is so bad it is hard to tell what is truth and waht is parody.

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