John, why haven’t you called ?

I’m annoyed that I haven’t received any of the phone or Internet spam being sent out by the Liberals. My concern is that, if they haven’t called me, they may be missing other swinging voters. With any luck, though, their database is sufficiently good to pick out only voters who are genuinely considering the Liberals, then to inundate them with messages night and day.

In the spirit of co-operation, I’d like to point out that not everyone is easily contactable by phone or Internet. A fleet of megaphone trucks, sent out at 5am on Saturday morning, could really have a big impact on the Liberal vote.

26 thoughts on “John, why haven’t you called ?

  1. It’s been rather pleasant being overseas for this election, getting no junk mail, no hateful ads on tv, no phonespam, yet keeping in touch with things through the net (such as this weblog, it’s been fab). Perhaps I’ll stay here for a while…

    Mind you, almost didn’t get the postal vote in, as the first embassy we tried didn’t handle them (oh great, thanks for letting us know beforehand!! a notice on the AEC or your website when the election was called would have been NICE) so the second application went off… then the FedEx package with the goodies had only our name, city, country, and a phone number on it to arrange delivery, as street addresses don’t exist, and they wouldn’t deliver to a PO box, it seems. Greeeaaaat. Received tuesday, posted to Aus on Wednesday, who knows if they’ll get there. Oh well. The things you do for democracy.

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