Arrivals, departures and returns

Following Chris Sheil’s recent departure, “Closed” notices have been going up around Ozplogistan. Among the departures, the intermittently brillianTugboat Potemkin and Paul Watson, supplier of comedy, media commentary and general Gen X bitterness. At the same time, Tim Dunlop is welcoming a flood of new arrivals. That’s great, but I still feel a sense of loss.

Whenever one of my favorite blogs shuts down, I feel guilty that I should have linked more to their posts. Then again I feel guilty about not linking to new bloggers and not updating my blogroll often enough.

On the other hand, lots of people seem to give up and come back, so maybe there’s not such a problem. Here, for example, is Don Arthur running a post that I was working out in my head this afternoon, and doing a much better job than I would have done.

10 thoughts on “Arrivals, departures and returns

  1. On the topic of literacy, if you think there is a problem in the general community, check out Andrew Reimer’s description of the decline of reading in the faculty of English at The University of Sydney in his book “Sandstone Gothic”.

  2. Don’t worry about keeping your links up to date. You’ve had duplicate links to Brad DeLong for yomks and nobody has bothered to tell you (I presume, from their persistence), so obviously nobody ever pays them much attention anyway.

  3. I do hope Chris Sheil returns to blog next year.

    While we’re on the topic of blogging, I may as well announce one new one which I am helping to moderate:

    If anyone would like to contribute (particularly but not necessarily bloggers from Western Sydney), they are more than welcome. Visit the site for more details.

  4. In reply to PML, it might be true that few pay attention to the links to other blogs but if you want a sample of one, I do follow the list and recognize the dupes and dead sites but I value JQ’s almost daily insights and assume that he is too busy to worry much about keeping the blog list up-to-date.

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