7 thoughts on “Worst ever?

  1. But the fallacies are much more entertaining than the realities. And I now have a new respect for dirt and rocks. Damn good insulators. Keeps us separate from those hellish temperatures down below.

  2. But can you rule out the possibility that irony was intended?

    In any case, the earth’s internal heat, as a stock, isn’t material; what counts is the flow to the surface. That is best assessed by estimates of the radioactive decay within the earth. For instance, the argon in the atmosphere lets us estimate the amount of decay of a certain radioactive isotope of potassium (not the rate per atom but the all up release – it lets us estimate the total of the potassium we can’t measure directly).

  3. John,

    it seems I might have caused a restudy of thermodynamics!

    Tim Lambert seems to becoming more cautious in his replies than other wise expected, on his web site. I will honour that.

    As you may now know, India, China, and a few others, have joined the US in scuttling Kyoto.

    Your next task would be, I suspect, to divorce social democracy from its genocidal antecedents.

    I refer, of course, to the recent comment in the Quadrant Monthly by George Watson.

  4. One year ago
    One year to the day after the horrible Iranian earthquakes in which tens of thousands died, Asia has been hit by a massive underwater earthquake and subsequent tsunamis. Once again tens of thousands of people have died, and many more have nothing left

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