Mieville miniseminar

I mentioned a while back that I was reading Iron Council by China Mieville as part of a mini-seminar being run at Crooked Timber. The discussion is going to open up on Tuesday (US time, I guess) and I’d encourage any interested readers here to participate. Anyone who wants to link should check back here or at CT then.

There will be review essays from Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, Matt Cheney, Henry Farrell, John Holbo, Belle Waring and me, with a response by China himself, and then comments from anyone who cares to make them. This is a bit (a long way, actually) out of my area of expertise, but I really wanted to be part of this venture, which I think has the potential to push the limits of the weblog form a bit further, and I have very much enjoyed Mieville’s work.

Update 12/1/4 The seminar is online. Go over and join the discussion

9 thoughts on “Mieville miniseminar

  1. I think it may have been in the list of election blogs that didn’t get transferred over. I’ll add it back soon.

  2. Oh god, more bloody China Mieville. Cracked the spine of ‘Perdido Street’ and, after one page, I knew exactly what was coming on the next page, and next chapters.

    If yer really wanna read something that takes an interesting look at futurist or alternative economic (and political and cultural)systems, and comes with a grownup story as well, check out Bruce Sterling’s ‘Schismatrix’.

  3. How’s CM’s named pronounced? Is is “TCHAI-nuh MEE-vill”, or “shee-NARR myay-VEE”, or some other combo?

  4. Take a number, PM, you’re not the first to spot that pun.

    I would assume Quiggin-Jinn as Jedi Master bans bad puns on surnames on this blog. Offenders will be bahnisched — and gunned at from both Left and Right by two Nortons at once, the good one and the mirror-universe evil one (ah, but which one has the goatee?!)

    hey, it’s Friday arvo.

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