A quick report on the tsunami appeal

Thanks to everyone who helped the tsunami appeal by commenting, linking and especially by cosponsoring. I’ve sent my money off, and emailed all the donors to advise them how much they’ve promised. I’m really impressed at the way many of the regular commenters here, including some who are regular sparring partners, dug deep to help this appeal. Quite a few have given more than their already generous commitment Here’s my preliminary list[1] of donations.

Andrew Norton 47
anon 235
anon 70.5
Harry Clarke 94
Jack Strocchi and Claire Rodda 47
Mark Bahnisch 47
Nicholas Gruen 470
paul2 47
Peter Fuller 94
quiggin 500
rdb 500
saint 100
wbb 60
wmmbb 94

The total is over $2400, or more than twice what I originally anticipated giving. I plan to give my leftover $500 to another good cause, and I hope to run another appeal like this before too long. I’ll make a longer post about the whole event, and some of the issues raised, soon.

fn1. My administrative skills are not what they might be, so if I’ve omitted anyone, or made any other errors, please advise me.

fn2. In return for 100 words of praise for John Howard, which will be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “A quick report on the tsunami appeal

  1. Jack Strocchi and Claire Norton[!]47

    I know that Pr Q is still a little sore at me after I poked fun at him for his new found eagerness to plunge into the financial markets. And I have long suspected that, petty “ideological divides” aside, it is St Andrew Norton who is the Catallaxian neo-classical “Disciple that [Pr Q] loves the most”.
    Still, it seems a little harsh for Pr Q, in retribution, to start a rumour that St Andrew raced off and married my girl-friend, Claire Rodda, behind my back. We Catallaxians are straight-laced folk and want no whiff of scandal to sully our lily-white repuations. So I would be grateful to Pr Q for setting the public record straight on this.
    In penance for his sin, and in compensation for my charity and forbearance, I am directing Pr Q to raise his promised philanthropic quota of “100 words of praise for John Howard” to a more generous 200 word.
    Given JWHs generosity to our unsettled neighbours this sacrifice seems fitting and does not seem too much to ask.

  2. My apologies to you, Jack, and especially to Claire. Fixed now. I’m saving up my “nice words about Howard” for my next fundraising stunt, but I’ll add some extra for you then.

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