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Reader Nick Caldwell kindly took the trouble to supply me with an alternative layout for the blog, which I’m now testing. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the header working yet, but hopefully I can fix that soon. In the meantime, I’ll ask for comments from readers on any of
(i) The changes to the layout of the main post section
(ii) Readability problems created or resolved
(iii) Links column on left rather than right
(iv) Anything else

Update Thanks to all who’ve commented, favourably and otherwise. Some further points

1. I plead guilty to asking for more red in Nick’s original design, resulting in the terrible puce/mushroom you see now. My color intuition is woeful, I’m afraid. If anyone can suggest a better colour scheme that I can easily implement, please do so. In the meantime, I plan to go back to Nick’s original.

2. I’ve now managed to get the links to the header working, and Nick has supplied more CSS which implements Textile footnotes properly. Great!

3. I’m still not happy with the sidebar, but I definitely like the changes in the main body.

37 thoughts on “New layout

  1. I think it’s a knock-out! Very classy looking upgrade. Might have something to suggest, when I get used to it. First impressions, however, are wow!

  2. ‘Try clearing your cache; the comments and post body fonts should be the same size now.’

    Thanks for the suggestion, Nick, but I’m afraid it hasn’t worked. I’m sure you’re right about the relative merits of the various browsers, but the previous setup worked fine with IE, and I wasn’t leading the charge for change.

  3. Thanks Eszter, this was just what was needed and is within my minimal CSS competence. The menubar looks a lot better now, though it’s still not as consistent as I would like, as some of it is generated by plugins/Wordpress functions I don’t know how to edit (recent comments and links for example).

    I’m working on fixing the colour scheme, and adopting the standard right-wing orientation for the menu. Once those changes have been implemented, I’ll make a further call for comments and help.

  4. Whoa! Never mind the layout, let’s get back to the software itself. It seems that if you depart the comment page before you’ve sent a comment – and this is often necessary if you want to chack something – you lose everything you’ve written. Is this correct? Is it right? Is it the sort of thing we want happening around here?

    I guess one can always open a new window for the purpose of mid-comment research, but will I always remember to do that? I fear not.

  5. On reflection JQ, I reckon you should consider reviving the quest for a blog title. My theory is that leaving the individual/personal blog title behind automatically tends to an institutionalisation effect, in turn tending to even up the implicit rivalry with big media institutions, and also becoming more citation friendly.

  6. James, for me at least the opposite is true. Using the back button in Safari brings me back to my halfcompleted comment, whereas in most other systems I’ve used, such comments have been lost.

  7. James, the Back button seems to work OK in IE for Mac, also. Unfortunately, I can’t easily do usability testing on Windows, but I’ll see what I can do.

    I’ll try to make the photo bigger and more up to date soon.

  8. Thanks, John. Sorry to be endlessly carping. I’m sure the final product will be an enchanted garden.

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