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  1. Can someone please give me some advice on Newsgator and John’s blog? Used to synidcate ok but seems not to now that the format has changed. I think I was using the old XML feed. Any thoughts? Thanks all

  2. John, don’t we have a big enough problem in this country with household borrowing for housing ? Do you really want to encourage more?

  3. I’m sure Nicholas runs a highly reputable service, but “Dr Peach” puts me in mind of Bananas in Pyjamas for some reason….

  4. expect Jack ‘Castro’ Strocchi to thunder in here about how immoral it is for Prof Q to be blowing up the asset bubble

  5. There is an interesting blog at Troppo by Ken Parish where he mentions “a potentially very significant centralist gambit by Howard government Health Minister Tony Abbott in today’s Oz. The Mad Monk, it seems, is agitating for a hostile federal takeover of Australia’s public hospital system” If I remember correctly Professor Quiggin had no problem about this prospect.

  6. JQ’s contributtion to the asset bubble is manageable at this stage. The number of additional Peach loans he’s responsible for is nearly . . . one.

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