The medium banana

I’ve been the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society meetings which were in Coffs Harbour this year, as the New England branch put them on. A nice change from the usual capital city locations, though this is the rainy season in Coffs just as it is in Brisbane.

One Coffs Harbour icon did not live up to my memories of the distant past[1]. The Big Banana isn’t very big. For me, it’s always been the exemplar of Australian bigness, but at 40 years old, it belongs to the Triassic era of Big Things (along with the Big Trout at Adaminaby, which I like a lot). The Big Prawn and so on are on a more Jurassic scale, and the Big Merino at Goulburn is positively Cretaceous: the ultrasaurus of such things.

fn1. I’ve driven through Coffs quite a few times, and not realised this, but that’s because I didn’t notice the Banana even when I was vaguely looking for it, expecting, as I did, something much bigger.

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  1. RE; the big banana…..Actually you missed the highlight, back 30 years ago the banana got ‘upgraded’ to a bigger banana, using current day (now antiquated of course) technology. Around the same time the also constructed a “BIG A-FRAME” which is located some 20 m to the north of the existing banana structure. What purpose this BIG A-FRAME serves is still unkown to this day?

    Business has been poor lately at the Big Banana, the indoor ski slope melts for 9 months of the year, the toboggans move excruciatingly slow and the Big Banana shop selling every possible sort of banana nic-nak/paraphernalia available to the wider world, excepting banana dildos….although Ive never been game enough to ask the 17 yr old shop assistants if they had any stashed under the counter!

    So the next step for the big banana is to re-develop it into a BIG WATER RESORT. This plan was recently announced, which will accomodate up to 500 hedonists who want to indulge in an asset (fresh water) that is severely lacking in the region, or more so, the country.

    Perhaps on day the attraction becomes THE BIG WHITE ELEPHANT. Now why has nobody come up with that before?


  2. Mention should be made of that Brisbane landmark known in the vernacular as The Big Hypo (at least to very enthusiastic users of a certain recreational compound.)

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