Appeal update

I sent in my donation to MSF just now, and I’ve had confirmation from several co-sponsors that they’ve done the same. The number of comments was a bit disappointing, but I’m happy to say that most people so far have responded by giving more than they promised. I’d like, once again, to thank everyone who participated.

6 thoughts on “Appeal update

  1. What’s your theory behind it?

    Was tsunami relief a much more visible and therefore “attractive” cause to donate to?

    Or are many people now “donated out”? My guess is that many people, having donated to the tsunami relief effort, consider themselves to have done their little generous bit to ease the world’s suffering for the time being.

  2. I’m mystified, Guy. The people actually giving money were, if anything, more generous than last time. And plenty of other bloggers linked to the appeal. It was only the comments that were in short supply.

    I think I need a new gimmick!

  3. I think the idea was good, but people may feel uncomfortable volunteering other people’s money, especially more than once.

    I liked the 2% income idea, but can I also suggest donating time if money is too tight for that.

    As a shameless plug for something that doesn’t always get a lot of attention, can I suggest offering some time as a visitor to the elderly and disabled.

  4. I felt a little uncomfortable about ripping JQ off, until I realised how cynical I am and that it was – at a deeper level – a public service to expose the externality involved. That was the subject of my first gratuitous comment, as I recall.

    Anyhow, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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