Timber Tour

While Crooked Timber is out of action, I thought I’d tour the sites of those Timberites who maintain individual blogs in addition to posting on CT. There’s a lot of overlap with CT, and too much to describe everything so I just thought I’d give you a sample:

* Eszter has a Flickr album of Chicagoland. I need to look into this.

* Kieran has a review column, including one of The Money Game by ‘Adam Smith’. I got this as a school prize when it first came out way back when, and was really impressed. It played quite a big part in steering me towards economics.

* Over at John and Belle’s they’re debating the hardy perennial: was Communism as bad as Nazism ? I had a go at this a while back. Also, Belle puts in a bid for the Nobel Peace Prize

* Brian is going to a philosophy conference where the usual questions of existence, meaning and so on will be complicated by a union boycott of the main venue

* Daniel is threatening a Welsh-triumphalist post about the Six Nations when we get back on air, but hasn’t gone so far as to reanimate his blog for the purpose.

For the rest of the team, you’ll just have to wait until our hosting negotiations are concluded.

5 thoughts on “Timber Tour

  1. On the Communism/Nazism one, I think the answer will vary according to whether you are asking about actual harm or inherent tendencies (realised or not). Of course it will also vary with what period and stage of maturity youy consider. In advance of the reality, people couldn’t consider any coincidental flaws of implementation, so to speak (and of course there is scope for arguing about what were really concidences).

  2. CS, you should see some of Dennis Potter’s remarks on the subject, when he knew he was dying and didn’t care any more.

    The thing is, he was a lefty of mixed origins; not only a PC intellectual but also of humble stock, born and brought up in one of the few areas of England that didn’t suffer so much from shifts associated with industrialisation – people remained in place.

    That meant their culture survived, and that included hating the Welsh. Dennis Potter was no exception, not even when he still felt hypocrisy useful. (Oh, and his attitude to xenophobia also applied to male chauvinism.)

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