We shall remember them

On Anzac Day, there are two important things to remember

* Thousands of brave men died at Gallipoli and in the Great War and we should always honour their memory

* The Gallipoli campaign was a bloody and pointless diversionary attack in a bloody and pointless war. Millions were killed over trivial causes that were utterly irrelevant by the time the war ended. The 1914-8 War only paved the way for the even greater horrors of Nazism and Stalinism. Nothing good came of it.

From what I’ve seen of the last surviving Diggers they were fully aware of both of these things. At one time, it seemed possible that, as the generation who fought in the war passed on, we would forget the first of them. Now the danger is that we will forget the second. We should judge as harshly as possible the political and religious leaders who drove millions, mostly young men, to their deaths, and honour the handful who stood out against the War, including Bertrand Russell and Pope Benedict XV.

27 thoughts on “We shall remember them

  1. AR, that is why they have other troops behind those being made to sacrifice themselves, driving the forlorn hope on (“…those behind cried forward…”). I wonder why that system had broken down in Russia.

  2. Two other things to remember:
    It’s, “They shall grow not old ..” not “not grow old..”
    “… we will remember them.” not “shall”.

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