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  1. JQ
    Congrats. Nice to see your site getting a mention, and hope you get a whole lot more readers (or is that viewers?).

  2. That was my thought, Robert. The link is broken, so I couldn’t tell for sure, but I’ve deleted iit anyway

  3. Yes, there are of course similarities between radio and blogging which is what I am attracted to most and confine my tv watching to monday nights, the oc and the footy show (real footy that is Eddie style). I wonder what PML will read into that?

    Blogging and radio shows like ‘today today’ and ‘hack’ both have talk back elements rather similar to ‘australia talks back’. comment then, as mentioned today on the radio, isn’t just confined to communication with the author, but with everyone.

    Crikey offers the same (the wonders of email), except that I now regard it as a major news source. A person would be as informed as they needed to be if they read your blog and visted OLO, listened to ‘today today’ and ‘hack’, listened to am and australia talks back and of course subscribed to crikey. If they were night people then late line would also suit as it produces all of the best political stuff-ups, apart from that no television watching is required and absolutely no print media. Television being reserved for crappy entertainment such as the oc and print media for metro guides or BAM as you know it.

    But blogging is just to full of bad content to be over taking anything, your site I like but every other site has repulsed me and strikes me as being worse than the print media, except humourous blogs that work of course. At the moment I can’t really describe ‘repulsed’ and ‘bad content’ sorry about that, but maybe I will think of something later. Just remembered media watch part of my monday nights, pity it cuts accross south park.

  4. Extract from “Media Report”:

    “John Quigan, an academic from the University of Queensland, his site’s called John Quigan, and of course he’s an economist, and he writes from a social democratic perspective.”

    JQ, I did a search for “Quiggin” on the Media Watch site. Unsuccessful. This quote must refer to another site.

  5. In view of the mismatch between things I have to do and times I have to do them, I’ve been experimenting with cloning, but the results so far have not been entirely successful.

  6. Thought myself, that this Media Report was one of there weakest.
    Pretty dreadfull typo and note on transcript that J,Q.website address was left out. Picky me ?

    With the aim of finding out about blogs in Australia they interviewed mostly journalists who have some knowledge of the subject. Guru Ann the exception. A bit ironical ,when the nature of the blog is bottom up .

    Struck me as bit defensive, when blogs are surely part of the media not something to get attention only, when a local Dan Rather is brought down by false information. Scary, that Rupert loves them. Maybe he just reads Tim Blair.

    R.N. still has good stuff at 8.30 each morning, if people are prepared to listen.

  7. Tell Benno I only just bothered with this thread. Is there some TV programme to do with the langue d’oc around? I must have missed it. And who is this “Eddie”? The only free standing “Eddie” I know is the eponymous “Crazy Eddie” of the Niven/Pournelle “Mote in God’s Eye” work. (I’m sure there’s a reference in wikipedia.)

    Like the judge once asked, “what is a gooseberry?”

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