Life in Brisbane

I happened to notice a story in the local suburban newspaper about the midnight opening of Revenge of the Sith which begins “Hundreds of fanatics will brave the cool to be among the first to see …”

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  1. Someone was reportedly seen at the Sydney opening night of Revenge of the Sith wearing a Jabba the Hutt costume. However on closer inspection it was found to be Piers Akerman wearing his normal attire.

  2. -“Count me amongst the “coolâ€? then.”-

    Um, no, Guy, they attend despite the intrinsic uncool, I believe that was what the line referred to.

    You can be ace, hip, innit or grouse though….

  3. They tell us that it is supposed to have an allegorical subtext critical of current US realpolitik practices. Either it is like seeing faces in clouds, a result of the sort of universality of good tragedy, or sheer coincidence of history rhyming. I say this because so much of the framework, back story, and even production was freezing out faster and sooner than our present world order.

  4. On the same path as PML I think that the reason they share a vague plot similarity is because both plots are simple, schematic, based around stringent notions of good and evil and both have terrible acting. And both have some great special effects. Cowards, dirty filthy cowards.

  5. Just to clarify, I think the reporter had written “braved the cold”, then realized this was absurd in Brizzie.

  6. My mum lives near Brisbane and tells me sometimes it gets so cold she has to get a blanket out.

  7. Does history record whether both of Brisbane’s cool residents were present at this premiere?

  8. I thought I would wait a while to ‘brave the cold’ so to speak, next week is good enough.

  9. Does Brisbane have anything like Melbourne’s Astor? I missed Sky Captain, but with any luck I’ll be able to catch it at the Astor in August because of its art house/single showing policies.

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