What I’ve been reading and watching

I’ve just bought the new Nick Hornby novel, “A Long Way Down” first person narrative from four people who meet on a rooftop, each planning suicide. It looks promising so far – the implication is that all survive, but for all I know they may end up back on the rooftop, or may be speaking from the next world[1]. No spoilers, please.

I went with my son to Revenge of the Sith, which was certainly better than Episodes 1 and 2. My big complaint is that we’ve been waiting since 1978 or thereabouts to find out how Princess Leia comes to be fleeing from Darth Vader at the end of episode 4, and now we find that episode 3 ends with her in nappies. If Lucas meant to make a hommage to 1950s serials he hasn’t done a great job in this respect.

Better news is that I’ve got something to watch on Saturday nights again, with the arrival of a new series of Dr Who. Apart from the occasional Lions game (and they haven’t been too rewarding lately), I haven’t had any options since I abandoned The Bill a couple of years ago.

fn1. This device, effective in “The Lovely Bones” (Alice Sebold)The Lovely Bones seems to be getting hackneyed

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  1. I have heard that a series of TV episodes is planned to span the interregnum of the Star Wars storylines. The gap between the birth and flight of Princess Leia certainly fits this outline.

  2. Star Wars 3 and why Chrenkoff is wrong

    It was undoubtedly the best of the three prequels, that much was very clear. It’s being hailed by people everywhere as being almost on par with the original trilogy – which is definitely over the top, they aren’t even in the same league – but definit…

  3. In the Star Wars world, unlike Star Trek, the books form part of the definitive narrative. At the end of the Han Solo trilogy the reader is told (briefly) the how and why of Leia’s fleeing Darth Vader.

  4. I’ve not seen any of the Star Wars films, not at the cinema, not on video tape, not on DVD … nada.

    Is this a record?


  5. Warbo – shame on you! 😉

    I haven’t read any Nick Hornby but I’ve heard a lot of good things about his writing, so I really should.

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