17 thoughts on “C-list blogebrity

  1. you really should be in the A-list as you have mastered the two most important things for net relevance. Content and presentation. Yes, somehow we need to combine reality tv with blogebrities in a novel way. That would be cool.

  2. Chrenkoff is there. Was it Kevin Drumm that brought up the topic of female bloggers and life got a bit lively.

  3. Looks like the entire cast of Crooked Timber have made the C list. It must be something like starring in an ensemble movie for Prof Quiggin, strolling up the red carpet surrounded by the entire cast of Ocean’s Eleven or LoTR or something. (I think you could possibly work up a Crooked Timber vs Ocean’s Eleven deathmatch.)

  4. I am sending in my storm troopers. They will take revenge on the behalf of myriads.

    Damn those Yanquis and their insulting ways!

    They are blind to our mutual gorgeousness.

  5. Don’t know who drew up this list and what their criteria is but as my blog reading grows more eclectic I suspect a certain narrowness to this list. Other than it should include JQ of course.
    IBM has published an announcement on its Intranet site encouraging all 320,000+ employees world wide to consider engaging actively in the practice of blogging.
    Shawn Callahan Anecdote
    There is a whole other world out there.

  6. I think the whole thing is a leg-pull. Certainly that’s how I’m treating it, at least until I get my invite to Blogebrity Big Brother

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