Weekend reflections

This regular feature is back again. The idea is that, over the weekend, you should post your thoughts in a more leisurely fashion than in ordinary comments or the Monday Message Board.

Please post your thoughts on any topic, at whatever length seems appropriate to you. Civilised discussion and no coarse language, please.

14 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. Nobody is interested in my opinions on the Indonesian justice system, least of all myself. So another topic.

    I think successors to Graham Kennedy (not that I know anything about him) could be:

    Norman Gunston (I know little about him)

    Paul Mcdermott

    the Chaser boice

    And now a call for all quick-witted smartarses, OLO needs a quirky acronym for a ranking of federal mps based on google hits of their name followed by mp or senator. Here is the blog piece explaning http://ambit-gambit.nationalforum.com.au/archives/000615.html Possible acronyms to start you off are:

    PIPI – Politician Internet Performance Indicator

    IPPI – Internet-based Political Performance Indicator

    GRIP – Google Ranking Index of Politicians

    PPP – Politician Performance Protocol

    POPE – Politician’s On-line Performance (Estimate/Evaluation)

    ROPEM – Ranking Of Politician’s Electronic Mentions

    POARIBPP – Politician’s On-line Activity Ranking of Internet Based Political Performance

    Have fun with the acronyms, a really juicy one would be if anybody could turn RODENT into an acronym.

  2. John

    Could trackbacks go somewhere other than amongst the comments? I have nothing against them, but they are distracting without adding anything to a thread in their own right. Didn’t you use to have separate pages for comments and trackbacks?

    And while I’m whinging, I’ve had enough of links to wikipedia. I want to return to the days when a link to some random word or phrase opened up to a nice surprise, some fresh delight like that Jump The Shark site. Meanwhile, if I don’t know what the Sapir-Whorf thesis is, or someting like that, I know where to look it up.

  3. So farewell then “The King”

    Or “Gra Gra”

    As Gran always called you.

    I never thought you

    Were at all funny.

    If that’s the best in Australian comedy,

    All I can say is “faaaaark”.

  4. For those of us in Adelaide, and excuse me if you all know, JQ is joining us for the Festival of Ideas.

  5. So farewell then “The King�

    Or “Gra Gra�

    As Gran always called you.”

    Bert Newton assures us that it was actually “Grae Grae” EJTAC

  6. Prof Q what the hell is happening to the Lions in Brisbane? We were unbeatable there for the last 6 years and now we are losing to every Roo, Tiger and Eagle; have you got any excuses/reasons?

  7. I was just wondering the same thing, Tex. Last night was just awful. The skill was there to be seen, but time after time they threw the ball away.

    Maybe the Bullets will do better.

  8. I hope Queenslanders don’t get disheartened by the collapse of the Bears, or Fitzroy Tropicale as some of us prefer to call them.

    It seems to be the fate of teams in the modern system, which is good for supporters of teams like Richmond and St Kilda but awful for Hawthorn, Carlton and Essendon. And now Bribane.

    I do wonder whether stability has now disappeared, since the current bunch of high fliers don’t seem to have the machinelike precision of that slightly earlier slew of teams.

  9. The Brisbane supporters will pull through and eventually take on the mentality of Collingwood supporters. This is not meant to be derogatory though, Collingwood supporters are the best supporters a team could have.

    Check out my new blog y’all.

  10. I never understood the big deal about major league sport.

    Such energy,
    such passion,
    such effort,
    such committment,
    so much money,
    so much time,
    so much learning,

    all of it put into such a pointless endeavor.

  11. What is a blog yawl anyway? But I notice it’s a …blogspot.com site. Lately (a couple of days or so) I haven’t been able to get through to those. Is this across the board unavailability, or just some browsers or ISPs or what?

    It may be related, but just today I find that reloading a JQ page from disk cache just leaves it blank. It now only shows properly when reloaded from the internet. Any recent changes that might be connected?

  12. A quite genuine question: India and Turkey used to be major sources of illegal narcotics.

    This problem was addressed by mandating the government purchase of the entire opium crop in both countries – with funds from the developed world.

    The opium was converted into painkillers for medical use and diversion of opium to the illegal market in both countries seems to be fairly minor.

    Why hasn’t the same policy been introduced in Afghanistan?

    Absent bizarre conspiracy theories about the US governemnt dabbling in the drug trade, which I’m loathe to entertain, I really can’t understand why this policy isn’t introduced. There may well be some good reason I’ve missed, if so I’d really like to hear it.

  13. Indian production was usually legal, at the time. It was actually a government introduced cash crop, which made it easier to wind it back when the rules changed.

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