Not so much a meme as a chain letter

Rob Corr sent me this music meme. I’ve done my own list, over the fold. Showing my age, again!

Total volume of music files on my computer

13 GB, but there’s a lot I rarely listen to

The last CD I bought

Roy Bailey Sit Down and Sing

Song playing right now

Peppers and Tomatoes Bob Fox

Five songs that I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Eric Bogle

Waterloo Sunset The Kinks

Sunshine of Your Love Cream

Palaces of Gold Leon Rosselson

Bobby I Hardly Knew You

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton

Most people seem to have done this one already, so I’m calling for volunteers

16 thoughts on “Not so much a meme as a chain letter

  1. Me, me pick me! Although the Gbs of MP3s on my hard drive is embarrasing.

    Eric Bogle is a worthy choice, I remember playing “I hate wogs” while we had people over, let’s just say that they have little appreciation for Kath and Kim style send ups.

  2. Speaking of chain letters generically. What’s the purpose behind chain emails like the little poetic girl dying of cancer and if you send it on she’ll get 5c every time you do? I told my daughter not to waste her time with spam, but she thinks I’m a cynical old git and it could be true so it’s best to send it on anyway. The email has no attachments so presumably no virus threat, but this cynical old git wants to know – what’s their angle?

  3. Well, this young git cannot answer your question. When I get things like that my first thought is “Which one of my ‘friends’ sent this to me, they really need a brain transplant”.

  4. Me too Benno, but does it send a tracking map of your contacts back to some spammers/marketers email database?

  5. Only if it has an attachment to it I think, otherwise it relies on people manually forwarding from their contact list. But I am a young git who only learnt how to embed a url to form a html hyperlink a couple of days ago. Not that it is hard, just hadn’t bothered before.

  6. That looks like a variant of the book tag thing I recently spotted, e.g. at Ken Macleod’s site or here, who seems to have been infected by Ken Macleod. I rather like the mutualist viewpoint and Kevin Carson’s careful non-over-the-top approach, by the way; it seems to be the best of all the incomplete approaches I’ve come across so far, though none the less incomplete for all that. (Not that I could do any better – yet.)

  7. what if someone admits they have aghh NO music files on their computer but mainly albums ( and have no decent record player to listen to them now).

    I have bought NO cds.

    last listened to RocknRoll animal and a tape of mixed music with East West on of course.
    I do have a few Miles Davis Cd’s I listen to

  8. Homer, you don’t have a pile of LPs with the sounds of steam engines on them do you?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist the image. I myself prefer the sounds of aircraft taking off at famous airports. 737, Teneriffe, dense fog. Listen carefully and you can hear the passengers praying.

  9. Professor John,
    your teenage fan base approves emphatically of Bob Fox, and especially of Peppers and Tomatoes. also approved of are Eric Bogle and original parodies.
    Benno and observa – perhaps there are some very bored graphics designers out there wanting to see how far their brainchildren can travel.

  10. And now we play a silly game in which we see supposedly intelligent people admit to music piracy and get sued. That first question is a giveaway. Oh dear.

  11. Alpaca, I think even the Australian Record Industry Association is unlikely to be silly enough to try and enforce prohibitions on copying your own CDs on to an iPod/computer. They’re already on the losing side of the debate over fair use, and an action like this would assure them of an even less favorable outcome.

  12. I asked Andrew Bartlett about this on his blog ‘are you against ‘illegal’ music downloads’ and he didn’t mince his words, it was pretty diplomatic, but as strong as you could get out of a senator.

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