Aka! Aka! Aka!

I missed out on tickets to the Lions game against Geelong today. Halfway through the second quarter, watching at home on TV, with the rain falling and what looked likely to be a low-scoring mudfest in prospect, I was thinking maybe I hadn’t done too badly. How wrong I was

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  1. Atheist tho I be, Jason Akermanis is powerful evidence that gods walk the earth. His two third quarter goals from the pocket boundary, in the wet and under heavy defensive pressure, would each qualify for goal of the year. The man is a football genius. 34 touches and with 20 minutes on the bench. Never stopped running for an instant – chased, tackled and harassed for those rare moments Geelong had the ball – shepherded when some other Lion had it. A champion. Oh, and the rest of the pride played pretty well, too. The passage of play in the second quarter when Geelong had their one streak of unanswered goals and drew to within a kick behind the Lions, when Vossy hassled the ball off (I think) Milburn, resulting in a Corrie goal, was brilliant, desperate stuff. I haven’t seen Vossy looking so happy since about halfway through the final quarter of the 2003 GF. Remember, the Crows were about where we are now in their 1998 premiership season… Go Lions.

  2. “Remember, the Crows were about where we are now in their 1998 premiership season… Go Lions.”

    And your nemesis in Grand Finals(chuckle) just had a record win. The season is hotting up with about half a dozen teams who can say they have a realistic crack at the flag, if all goes well(injuries in Sept??)

  3. I think that both Lions and Power are still a notch below the Eagles at the moment.
    As for the Power being Lions “nemesis” I think I’d take our 3 flags and no top of the ladder finishes over whatever the Power’s record has been in last 4 years 😉

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