Blog birthday

This blog is three years old today. I hinted at this anniversary in yesterday’s Monday Message Board, and Chris Sheil was the first to guess what I meant.

Three is an advanced age for a blog. Only a handful of those who were around back then are still going. Tim Blair, Rob Corr, Jason Soon and my blogtwin Tim Dunlop are among the hardy survivors.

It’s not hard to see why people stop blogging, but also why more and more people are blogging and reading blogs. It’s exciting, exhausting, useful and very demanding on time and attention. Although I’ve had moments when I’ve been sick of the whole business, mostly I’ve enjoyed it very much. Thanks to all my readers, fellow bloggers and especially to those who’ve commented on the blog, regularly or otherwise.

31 thoughts on “Blog birthday

  1. You are an inspiration.

    For a while I consoled myself with the notion that you had an army of research assistants chained to computers, endlessly searching for the reports and figures to buttress your arguments. When I realised you do it all yourself, I was reduced to awed silence.

    Never doubt your value to the rest of us.

  2. Prof.JQ is a must read everyday, an impressive blog thats age says alot about its creator, a truly engaging intellectual, a real renaissance man.Happy Birthday !

  3. If you’ve been writing it for three years then I must have been reading it pretty much daily for three years. Thanks for all your effort. Awesome stuff.

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