Tsunami update

Six months ago, a number of readers of this blog gave generously to the Red Cross Tsunami appeal. I’m planning another appeal before long, and I thought it might be useful to link to this report (PDF file) on what’s being done.

Progress is slow, as a number of recent reports have pointed out, but things would be much worse if not for the generosity of the relief effort.

Aid is good, and so is trade. Watching TV tonight, the beaches of Phuket looked very tempting, and as one of the few hardy tourists pointed out, there’s no real reason to fear another tsunami hitting the same spot. If you’re thinking of a beach holiday, it looks like this might be a great opportunity to get a good deal and do a good turn at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Tsunami update

  1. Please do not go through the Red Cross, this time, for the reasons I told you last time.

    Briefly, in my personal experience, they have fallen under the curse of agency costs and they are being run by people who sincerely suppose that whatsoever they do, being controllers of the Red Cross, must be as worthy as the objectives of that organisation. They have slid so far down that slippery slope that they now do all sorts of unethical things under that cover.

    Before anyone says something like, “well, he would say that, wouldn’t he”, I’d like to remind people that my own attitude was formed after being victimised by them – the experiences preceded the attitude and caused it – and that I am not the only one to have suffered at their hands. Just google on “Leo Raffoul” to find out one of the others.

    If you google on me, I could prove I suffered too but only by breaking legal obligations and releasing sealed transcript details showing that legal rulings disregarded plain facts shown in evidence, switching key dates in a judgment from those in evidence agreed by all witnesses for instance. In other words, the faulty rulings protect themselves from being discovered – I cannot show my position without being in contempt of court. It’s self-reinforcing, which of course tends to reduce public respect for courts anyway.

    Anyhow, regardless, since the object of JQ’s exercise is to help people who are suffering, I would like to recommend avoiding the problem of sorting out whether the Red Cross really has deteriorated that way. Just use some other channel instead, maybe World Vision or something like that.

  2. All I need are some generous donors to my holiday fund. I am more than happy to commit to matching donations and I will ensure that at least some of the money is spent appropriately.

  3. One could be forgiven at least for his practical involvement in so-called international reviving activities under the UN umbrella (ho-ho-ho) while being utterly convinced in very reasons of generosity, which look, say at least so, creating the jobs for fellow mates rather than really developing places far away being affected.

  4. Michael, you are as usual close to a core!!!

    Although French government is a one of major players in Europe, SE Aisa and E.Timor are in a closer proximity to Australia.

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