Dr Who as a blogger

Apparently Dr Who returns to Cardiff (what is it with Cardiff?) tonight, to confront a surviving bodysnatcher from an earlier episode in this series. I think I’ll watch the footy instead. But Series 2 (of the New edition) looks more promising, with a return of the Cybermen and (at least so I’ve heard) the Daleks.

Nick Barlow advises that the Doctor will be played by
David Tennant dressed to resemble either Jarvis Cocker or the stereotypical image of a member of Crooked Timber.

6 thoughts on “Dr Who as a blogger

  1. What it is with Cardiff is, this series is from BBC Wales (you can only tell from the small print in the closing credits). That makes Cardiff the moral equivalent of the earlier series’ use of the back of White City – a budgetary and operational convenience that the punters will never spot. (Hey, you didn’t spot the Welsh Connection, did you?)

  2. The Daleks are returning just a little earlier than series 2. Not huge spoilers, because they give it away in the next week promo after the episode.

    The final two are total corkers, by the way.

  3. In last night’s episode there’s a bit where the alien-in-disguise-as-Cardiffian says something about “besides, in London they couldn’t care if all South Wales fell off the map. My God! I’ve gone native! [i.e., Welsh]”

    This probably reflects the very mixed, yet self aware, self image that BBC Wales people have about their sojourn in what any good Hampsteadian must think of as the provinces (see Viz on the subject).

  4. I have loved the new series. The writing has been great and so have Ecclestone and Piper. I’m with Nick. The final two episodes are excellent.

  5. And watch out for the final “Bad Wolf” reveal. From the nation that invented crossword puzzles.

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