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Having deleted some comments myself, I now seem to be having problems with comments disappearing by some process I can’t follow. I’m looking into it, but if you have a point of great eloquence to make, save it on your own system before committing it to the ether.

Update The problem seems to have been caused when I IP-blocked a particularly persistent spammer. I’ve gone back to manual moderation (groan), so comments seem to be coming through OK.

8 thoughts on “Comment problems

  1. 5th attempt at post . I am persistent.

    Yes I (for one) commented on your deletion of my earlier post and that post then instantaneously vaporised. It appeared then disappeared only to be replaced by a phantom post attributed to a person whose views I was criticising (Ian Gould) which then also subsequently disappeared. Its enough to make one paranoid (is John sitting at his Mac and deleting errant posts and substituting alternates? No too complex and out-of-character). I was about to complain to Media Watch but realised that I was getting paranoid.

    I don’t want to repeat myself — maybe my lost post will reappear – indeed when I tried to resubmit an earlier version of the present post I got a ‘duplicate post’ message — but the gist of what I was saying was that Ian Gould had created an ambiguity in what he was saying that you definitively associated with the debate over the consequences of the war in Iraq for terrorism. The rest of us didn’t make this association (neither you nor Ian mentioned Iraq) and instead we attributed his request for no ‘debate’ to ambiguity (however weak) over the rationale for the killings in Bali which we found repugnant given that innocents were killed and wounded. Maybe we were naive and should have guessed he was alluding to the question of the motivating role of the Iraq intervention which in his view should not be discussed.

    In my case I explicitly questioned whether the assumption I was making was correct in a final para of the original post which urged Ian to be more careful in his language. I don’t believe this is over-the-top criticism or abusive and stick to my guns. Its not point-scoriing but a reasonable argument.

    I think deleting comments on the grounds that we (the critics of Ian) were naive in this assumption might suggest more about your faith in human decency (perhaps overly generous) than in a realistic perception of positions. I am not questioning your right to run your own blog but perhaps on this occasion you overreacted.

    Anyway my previous lost post finished by stating that I will (mercifully) now shut-up about this episode. I repeat this. Trying to explain a missing post is harder than the original post particularly as others don’t share your grief for its loss. Have a good day John and please don’t delete this post or allow it to vaporise.

  2. In Wednesday’s “Age� Pamela “I never left the left. The left left me� Bone has a hissy fit about those on the Left who’d “rather Iraq to fail than Bush win�.
    Ms Bone’s foot-stamping cannot go unchallenged.
    1. Ms Bone now acknowledges that Bush didn’t invade Iraq in the interest of the human rights of the Iraqi people. Better late than never, I suppose, Ms Bone.
    2. Ms Bone now acknowledges that the US has associated itself with some very unsavory regimes when “when a declaration that the international community has an obligation to act to stop genocide was watered down – at the behest of the US, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran and Syria – to read that countries are “prepared to take collective action . . . on a case-by-case basis” to prevent genocide.â€? So where is the compelling moral case for the Iraq fiasco Ms Bone?
    3. But most important, Bone has demonstrated that intellectually she has “left the Left� when she bought into the fantasy that the US could achieve success-at-arms in Iraq. One of the greatest accomplishments of the Left was its development of an understanding of the theory and practice of unconventional warfare. The Right, often besotted by the glamour of high-tech military hardware, constantly underestimated the all-important human factor in warfare. Sadly for Ms Bone she forgot that lesson.
    And now Ms Bone finds herself shackled forever to the futile task of defending her support for a military idiot who also happens to be a cynical liar.
    Enjoy the rest of your career Ms Bone.

  3. Andrea Harris with a beard and no foul language is still a poor regulator!!

    go back to the previous system where bad language was the only thing that stopped comments please.

  4. I tried posting a comment and it did not show up. So I reposted and it said that I was trying to post a duplicate. It still has not showed up. And several others are missing.

  5. I lucked into the original thread just at the time when it contained Ian’s call not to be partisan followed by a pair of comments which were – one which damned as traitors people who opposed the Americans in the Vietnam war – followed by Ian’s response that this illustrated his point.

    So at that point, the neat excision of the sub thread seemed to me to be absolutely right and actually seamless. I imagine the removal of the rest of the responses was a good way of maintaining a clean thread without the argy bargy, so everything made sense and no-one replied to something that didn’t exist, or rather replied not knowing what had already existed.

    I imagine Homer would think this convoluted moment proves his point, but I have to say the original provocation was one out of the box and created a very nasty taste in a post that was supposed to be about unity of purpose and elegaic reflection.

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