More terror attacks

More than 50 people have been killed in the latest terror attacks in Delhi. As usual in a globalised world, the victims apparently include Indians and foreign visitors, Hindus and Muslims and people of all social classes. Its premature to speculate on which particular group is responsible for this crime, but almost certainly it’s a group horrified by the prospect that peace might break out between India and Pakistan as the two countries work together to respond to the tragic earthquake in Pakistan.

11 thoughts on “More terror attacks

  1. “I did not think that India and Pakistan were actually at war.”

    Terje, go to Kahmir and have a Captain Cook, then see what you think.

  2. No its not a mexican standoff,its called killing the innocents.Mr Quiggen do you belive that Israel has the right to attack Iran,given that the Iranian President has just called for it to be wipped of the map.

  3. Bloody Bapists, again!!!

    How dare anyone speculate that the most likely culprits are Muslem. The outrage of it – racist buggers!!

  4. Razor,

    While the most likely suspects are muslims – and a previously unknown muslim group has apparently claiemd resposniblity – there are a depressingly number of credible non-muslim suspects including Naxalites (the Indian Marxist guerillas); Tamil extremists and separatists from the Indian state of Nagaland.

    The Naxalites mainly operate in the countryside, the Tamils have been relaitvely quiet lately and the Naga generally don’t operate outside Nagaland. So Muslim Kashmiris are the most likely perpetrators.

    Your attempt at irony is, of course, based on your assumption that only whites can be raciist and that any accusations of racism directed at you or your fellows on the right are baseless.

    Non-Muslim Indians are quite capable of racism – take a look at the matrimonial ads in any Indian English-language newspaper stupulating “light-colored” applicants.

    THey’re also capable of quite horrific acts of religious violence as we saw in the massacres of thousands of Gujarati muslims during the riots of a few years ago. Of course, that was an example of non-muslims killing muslims so I suspect it wouldn’t generate anything like the same level of outrage from you.

  5. I hear Indonesia is despatching troops to Sulawesi after three 15yr old schoolgirls had their heads cut off and one of which was placed by a Christian church. That was nice of the Javanese authorities. Thank goodness they don’t have draconian anti-terror laws that threaten their civil liberties like Howard is proposing here.

  6. A pity they didn;t do likewise when ambonese Christians were massacring muslims a couple of years ago – but somehow that story didn’t seem to get much traction in the western media.

    When you and Razor start spending equal time agonizing over the depradations of the Lord’s Resistance Army, the strongly Catholic Interahamwe militias still terrorising Eastern Congo and the Serbian priests still hiding Karadzic and the other architects of the Srebrenica massacre and the Bosnian rape-camps, I might start taking you seriously.

  7. “it’s always monotheists…”

    If only. Buddhist fundamentalists killed over a hundred muslims in burm a few months back (funny Razor and Observa missed that one).

    Shintoists may be pretty peaceful these days but State Shinto was the official religion of the Japanese Empire.

    As near as I can tell, the only religions that HAVEN’T been used as an excuse to massacre people are Ba’hai and Jainism.

    Basically, any sufficiently large group of people will contai nwithin itself a small minority of pople inclined to violent extremism.

  8. Baha’i looks remarkably like early, non-violent sikhism. These things can change in practice, and that’s a large part of why China objects to today’s deep breathing cult – they remember the historical parallels.

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