Some good news on the terrorism front

The Blair government has been defeated on the floor of Parliament over a proposal to let police hold terrorist suspects for up to 90 days without charge, with 48 Labour members joining the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in an amendment reducing the period to 28 days. It would certainly be good if Australian “conservatives” were conservative about things like habeas corpus.

And having lived by the bomb, JI bombmaker Amrozi Azahari has apparently died by it, blowing himself up to avoid capture by the Indonesian police. The Indonesians have done a great job in capturing, trying and convicting the main members of the JI terrorist network. Their one failure, not nailing “spiritual leader” Bashir on a major charge, was due, as much as anything else to the refusal of the US authorities to allow Bashir’s main lieutenant, Hambali, whose evidence could have been vital, to testify.

10 thoughts on “Some good news on the terrorism front

  1. Even electorally successful Prime Ministers only have limited political capital, and Blair used his up on the sexed up Iraq dossiers.

    As Gretel Killeen would put it, it’s time to go Tony.

  2. JQ wrote:

    “It would certainly be good if Australian “conservativesâ€? were conservative about things like habeas corpus.”

    The way things are going, I expect that before the year is out we will see articles by the likes of Keith Windschuttle in Quadrant, and rendered in pre-chewed form by Bolt and Akerman in the Murdoch tabloids, arguing that the concepts of habeus corpus, presumption of innocence, right to a fair trial, independence of the judiciary, etc., are all 1970s inventions by the latte lefty adversary culture, which has also conspired to cook history courses to suggest that these things have a much longer lineage.

  3. Well depends if you define a US military base as part of the good ole US of A, doesn’t it? If so, then I think it’s essentially limitless.

  4. I think King John would have been loving this discussion.
    Habeas corpus is one thing we should not be messing with. The executive should not take on to itself essentially judicial powers. If you cannot convince a judge that a person should be held then you should not be holding them. End of story – this legislation is simply wrong.

  5. Professor Quiggin writes: “It would certainly be good if Australian “conservativesâ€? were conservative about things like habeas corpus.”

    Well, Aldous Huxley defined the modern pseudo-conservative mindset for all time, in his 1946 preface to the reissued Brave New World. The crucial phrase is an oldie but a goodie, which I would probably cite even if interred in wet cement, and which (if I could still bring myself to wear T-shirts) I would probably have printed on a T-shirt:

    “For the last thirty years there have been no conservatives; there have been only nationalistic radicals of the right and nationalistic radicals of the left.”

    Google will retrieve several websites devoted to the entire Huxley essay.

  6. King John was an enemy of Robin Hood. And everyone knows what Robin Hood was famous for, rich- and poor-wise.

    Now look what happened to the anglophonic world once that outlaw and terrorist Robin Hood became a culture hero and an icon of the Leftist, pseudo-intellectual mead-swilling elites living in their trendy barn-loft pads in the re-gentrified sections of Sherwood Forest.

    Let kids start singing “Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen…” Next thing they’ll be found fetched up in an al Qaeda training base in the Hindu Kush.

    No. Things went to the dogs because of the Wets’ conspiracy against Good King John. Habeus Corpus = Political Correctness gone mad!

    But now it’s Pay Back Time!

  7. Some more good news… real people of the Middle East are starting to claim their minds and human rights back from the conspiracy-ravaged supremacist maniacs that rule them. Unfortunately for us it is a slow process.


    Bahraini Researcher Dhiaa Mussawi: Women Should be Rulers in the Arab and Muslim World. I Call for Understanding the West, Not Dissolving in It.

    The following are excerpts from an interview with the Bahraini researcher Dhiyaa Mussawi, which was broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV on September 21, 2005

    Dhiyaa Mussawi: First of all, of course I don’t think that Islam is against women. Second, I think part of the crisis in the Arab world is that no Arab country is ruled by a woman. I believe women can even be rulers, not only judges. This is my ideological belief, which I can support with jurisprudence. Some scholars, like Sheik Shams Al-Din and Fadhlallah called for that. We believe that women…

    The interviewer: You mean women should be rulers?

    Dhiyaa Mussawi: Yes. The problem is that we still live in a male-dominated society.


    The Western world thinks about reaching Mars in 2015, while we are still debating the question of women driving, like some of our brothers in Saudi Arabia are doing.


    The interviewer: You are not trying to make points with the West?

    Dhiyaa Mussawi: Absolutely not. I wish for a future and for coexistence between people. I believe in the verse “Call (people) to the way of the Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation,” and not in calling (people) to the way of the Lord with goodly explosives belts, or bombing them in the most gracious way.?


    We must strengthen the common ground in the mentality of the believing youth, instead of allowing Muslims to develop an outlook based on explosive historical stories, so they will explode in New York, London, or any other place.


    The interviewer: You often call for opening up to the West. You emphasize this.

    Dhiyaa Mussawi: I do not advocate opening up to the West. I call for understanding the West rather than dissolving in it. There is a difference.

    The interviewer: If I called for opening up to the West, nobody would accept it, so you are trying to…

    Dhiyaa Mussawi: I am not trying to dress it up with pretty words. The West exists. I object to the constant hunt for the Western “demon”. The West is not all black. The West has anthropology, and human sciences. Many of our sheiks, when they are sick, they go to hospitals in Britain, America, France, and so on. We can adopt the Japanese mentality. Despite the catastrophes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese benefited from the Western organizational ingenuity, from the institutions in the society, from the rule of law and so on. They adopted all these, and began to produce… This is the difference between us and them. When we hate someone, we see only as a demon. We see him as a jinn. At the same time, as you can see, everything you read, the media, the press – it all comes from the West. Yet I do not advocate Westernizing Muslim society.

    MEMRI TV 9/21/2005 Clip 900

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