5 thoughts on “Support bloggers rights!

  1. Can we just say that bloggers get banned by co-bloggers for no particular reason. Have attempted to post on Barista for a while. All attempts fail,”denied for questionable content”. Even when you are trying to support the wonder of Kurt Vonnegut. Quietly and politely ,helpfull, and frustrated.
    Guess some bloggers have a banned list and how do you get off it, when you love their site?

  2. Unless you’ve done something awful, I suspect overactive spam software, which has somehow listed your IP address. I’d email Barista and ask.

  3. Maybe the EFF should be nationalised to ensure that it is properly funded and it can more effectively defend our common interests. If it’s defending freedom then surely it should be a department within the Office of Homeland Security. It seems dangereous to leave such an important function to the private sector where it might fall under the influence of the unsavoury elements in society.

    Or would that mean putting the fox in charge of the hen house?


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