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57 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. If liberty is taken away (or never given in the first place) you have a moral right and obligation to eliminate those responsible. Everything flows from there.

    I wish I had gone to see East Finchley.

  2. Benno,

    So in addition to assasinating government officials you are now suggesting that I should blow up the ATO building in Chatswood.

    I think I will pass up on that “OBLIGATION” thanks.


  3. Sometimes assasinations can be for the better, imagine if the attempted assasination of Hitler had been successful, how many lives would have been saved!

  4. Paul,

    That is pure speculation. Maybe we should start such a though exercise by first asking “who would have replaced Hitler”?


  5. Terje,
    In some cases it is difficult to imagine how it could have got worse – starting with Mao (about 70m dead), Hitler (10 to 12m in the death camps, over 30m in the war), Stalin (various esimates, outside the war which he did not start, say 20m). The power vacuum left by their deaths may have been worse than the actuality of their power, but it is difficult to conclude that it would have been worse.

    That said, I still oppose the death penalty’s use for any crime – I think in the case of someone like Mao to have him rot in prison for the term of his natural life would have been a worse punishment than a quick death on the scaffold.

  6. Maybe.

    Having the foresight to assasinate the right people is different than having the hindsight to say it should have been done.

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