What I’m reading, and more

Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow, a novelist who’s also a blogger. He hangs out at Boing Boing. It’s good fun. The idea of the title is that Net-oriented people orient themselves into tribes according to the time of day at which they are active. The hero is one of a team of saboteurs who’s job it is to persuade rival tribes to implement user-unfriendly and unreliable software, adopt time-wasting bureaucratic measures and so forth. So, while the first part is pretty far-fetched, the second is the most realistic explanation I’ve so far seen for Microsoft. But the big question I have is how someone can blog and write novels at the same time.

Yesterday was the Seiyushin karate grading and Christmas party. I wasn’t grading, so it was a very relaxed and pleasant occasion for me, though I did have one round as a sparring partner, which was fun (a respectable draw).

5 thoughts on “What I’m reading, and more

  1. Actually, I’ve heard of bloggers using their blog to assist with the writing of a novel, gaining live feedback, so to speak, on their ideas. So perhaps the two processes are not diametrically opposed.

  2. “… a team of saboteurs who’s job it is to …”
    Apostrophe man strikes again.

    Why shouldn’t novelists have the time to run a blog? At least one fine and very prolific economist finds time to, even if he doesn’t always have time to proofread his posts. And Trollope (admittedly an extreme case) wrote 47 thick novels in 35 years, all while holding down a senior job in the Post Office and running for parliament.

  3. Trollope didn’t do all those other things all the time he had a writing career, and besides much of his work involved sea travel during which he wrote.

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