Contests and departures

It’s the time of year for blog contests, and the inevitable sore losers are a lot sorer given that one of the contests involved real money. Hosting service Smartyblog put up $10k, for a contest won by a site about Singing Bridges. Kinda strange, but that’s the magic of the internets. Not having got off onto my bottom to put in an entry*, I’m not going to second-guess the judges. Gianna shares the pain of her defeat here

While I’m at it, I should note the departure of Margo Kingston’s departure from Webdiary (apparently to continue as a group blog). Margo was one of the first mainstream journalists to realise the significance of blogging, but her efforts to make a living at it have not worked out.

More personally significant to me is the closure of Robert Corr’s Red Rag, as Rob is now “Another Suit on the Terraceâ„¢”. Insofar as this blog has a blogfather it’s Rob. Not only did his blog encourage me to start, but he provided support and hosting during my move away from the training wheels of Blogger. Good luck with your new career, Rob!

* Being officially ranked the best blog in Queensland, at least until next Australia Day, I can afford to be complacent.

5 thoughts on “Contests and departures

  1. The loss of Kick and Scream is a blow. Rob’s periodic updates on IR issues were an invaluable resource. I forwarded a link to my (CPSU) union rep, she loved it.

  2. Proff, can you tell me why ‘blogger’ , was “training wheels”?

    Do you have to pay for your site so that ‘anonymous’ comments can be accepted? As a possible beginner in the blogging world can you tell me how you advanced to No1 in QLD. Apart, from being reasonably intelligent and informative. Give us a present,Father Blogmas and tell us the best way,from your experience, as to how to have a cost effective blog.

    Please explain and Merry Xmas.

  3. Can hardly see why the above comments went into ‘moderation’. Disappeared and then allowed.

    Sorry and thankyou, but just wanted to know how you get up a blog without going through, ‘Blogger’. Can you share your wisdom for those in ‘training wheels’. All the best, Carrot.

  4. Automoderation is a mysterious thing, Carrot.

    I should say that Blogger has improved a fair bit since I abandoned it, but I still find it a bit clunky. There are fairly easy alternatives to Blogger such as Typepad. The next step up is to find a friendly blogger who’s willing to share a site. Most flexible is to get your own domain, a good hosting service such as Textdrive and your choice of software – WordPress is most widely favored.

  5. Blogger is free. I think it’s terrific. There’s no real reason to regard it as a less serious or prestigious or whatever blogging platform.

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