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Weekend Reflections is on again. Please comment on any topic of interest (civilised discussion and no coarse language, please). Feel free to put in contributions more lengthy than for the Monday Message Board or standard comments.

30 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. Much as I sympathise about the loss of the old and beautiful trams/routemasters I’ll point out that the new trams (at least at certain tramstops) allow wheelchair access. It is unlikely the old ones could ever have been made wheelchair accessible.

    For those confined to wheelchairs this must represent a fairly huge increase in their mobility. That doesn’t excuse some of the flaws others have pointed to, and it seems to me that there is scope to bring back some of the old ones on routes that don’t have the wheelchair accessible stops. Not sure whether there is such a basis for the loss of the Routemasters, which I would think will affect London’s tourist income amongst other things.

  2. StephenL,
    The main reason given for the loss of the Routemasters was the lack of wheelchair disabled access. Only real problem with that was that few of the other buses were accessible either.

  3. That wheelchair access thing is a nonsense, not because there shouldn’t be mobility for these people but because this is an endless stream of ad hoc faulty technical solutions. The ideal is a variation of the wheelchair that has the flexibility to deal with more ordinary environments. The more sunk cost gets put into these nonsenses, the harder it becomes to direct attention to the proper area. “The good is the enemy of the best”.

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