Xmas in Oz

This year, I had as close to a classic Oz Xmas as I can remember. At the beach, in Sydney, with prawns and pavlova for Xmas dinner. The atmosphere at the beach was great, with no hint of the troubles a couple of weeks ago, and no-one interested in much more than getting wet, grabbing a wave or two and soaking up some sun.

Admittedly I was staying at Avalon, about as far from Cronulla as you can get and still be in Sydney, but the scene was just the same all up and down the coast as far as I could tell. And even in that fairly Anglo stretch of the coast, the beach crowd was diverse, including a sprinkling of hajibs along with more traditional beach attire (or lack thereof).

Great prezzies too. I got a facsimile version of the last incomplete voyage of Aubrey and Maturin from my younger son, and, from my older son and his wife a high-tech corkscrew, guaranteed to uncork the old Black Stump Bordeaux at a rate of three seconds per bottle. Came in very handy as you can imagine. Plus A Hundred Years of Solitude, which I’ve never read, from my wife, along with more from Margaret Atwood and Shirley Hazzard.

A great time was had by all, and a slow return to normality is indicated.

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  1. Yair Malcom, JQ’s anglo-celtic credentials are in doubt. Have another squizzo at that photo on the blog header:

    Same colour shirt as an Iman
    Similar beard to an Iman
    “Quiggan” shares a resonance with “Quran”
    Is he trying to pass off his swarthy middle eastern appearance as a “suntan”?
    He types “Xmas” instead of “Christmas” (possible sign of radical islamic/anti-christian sympathies)

    Could be risky for him to provoke trouble by strutting up & down in front of disgruntled surfies.

    Better play it safe & stick to prawns & pavlova on the deck JQ 😉

  2. A great time was had by all, and a slow return to normality is indicated.

    Does that mean that you will soon be miserable again?

  3. Hey! JQ is just keeping his options open for now!

    Hehe, can you spot JQ in this photo? I can:

    JQ’s ULTIMATE fantasy beach of ‘diversity’ and tolerance:

  4. Right on, Malcolm.

    Great piccie of the new, M.C.G.!

    P.S ….. Pretty hard to see the pitch, but the game goes on ,somewhere , in the box-like structure. Unsure of second view, but they sure have passion for their team. The Iran ,womens’, second eleven?

  5. It’s interesting to note that a lot of Aussie bloggers seem to be making the same comment: “I had a great Chrissy blah blah blah… was at the beach on the weekend and I saw brown/headscarved/non-white people!” Okay, I guess this is an awareness thing and it’s a good thing.

  6. Actually, in using Xmas JQ is harking back over 1000 years to the origins of the church. It comes from a latin transliteration of the original greek spelling of ‘Our Christ’. Though to be really original what you need to write is ‘XPmas’.


  7. I am surprised that JQ is celebrating Christmas at all. According to the right wing whinge du jour, lefties like him are waging a war against Christmas as part of a general conpiracy to bring down the Christian West, not least lefties who treacherously side with Muslims in the war against terror.

    This right wing campaign has been led by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox network (of course) with a particular bone to pick the tendency of Americans to say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas”. The great irony is that Happy Holidays was, and is, a term coined to include Jews in the festive celebrations, as Chanukah also occurs in late December. This must be known to the pernicious commentariat on Fox.

    Even the ever-derivative John Howard jumped on board with his ridiculous criticism of department stores whose display of nativity scenes was not ostentatious enougy for his taste. Howard’s dip into the culture wars was contemptible on several grounds. What private organisations do with their Xmas displays is their business alone. And since he is not a very religious man, on his own admission, Howard was totally insincere.

    But the greatest display of insincerity has been by the Fox network. At the conclusion of a football game on Fox a week or so before Xmas the commentators signed off with a cheery “Happy Holidays”. And just to make sure nobody missed the message, the director put it up on the screen.

  8. Just on what Dave has said I have always been struck by the noise of those who protest about taking Christ out of Christmas and by the lack of christian understanding of the people.

    There also seems to be a high correlation between unbelief and uncritical support for Israel!

  9. jinx…i gave my dad A Hundred Years of Solitude. I picked it up at Vinnies for fifty cents, firstly because of the gorgeous artwork on the cover (a treecovered hill against a red sky).
    anyway, happy new year!

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