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I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0. The initial shift went smoothly enough, with the usual hiccups, but some problems may pop up over the next few days.

If anyone has suggestions for plugins or other features beyond the minimal set I have now, I’d be grateful. I’ve had to abandon Textile, as it doesn’t work with Live Comment Preview.

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  1. How about a Spell Checker (that is, as long as it doesn’t slow things down too much)?

    I agree with wilful that formatting buttons would be very handy.
    However, in case anyone is unaware, text can be formatted to be boldfaced in the following way :

    “<strong>bold text<strong>” to give “bold text

    … and text can be Italicized as follows :

    “<em>italicised text<em>” to give “italicised text

  2. Got a few posts ‘banned’, for reasons that we could not understand. Thanks for site and hope new ‘thang’, works.

    All the best, food available and ‘Eat at Joes’.

  3. James,

    If I have any questions about my spelling, I normally copy my comment out and then paste it into a word processing package, using the spell checker there and then paste it back in. It spits the dummy with the formatting, though, but it works nicely on everything else.

  4. A small explaination of which tags produce bold, italics, quotations and hyperlinks placed just below the comments box would be great. I had not known until just then what the tags for these things are on this site.

  5. Andrew Reynolds,

    Thanks for the suggestion. In fact I do occasionally make use of the spell checker, in my text editor, but usually (maybe because I am lazy) I don’t make the effort. A built in spelling checker would still be more useful IMHO.

    still working it out, thanks.

    I am glad to know that my explanation of bold (aka strong) and italicised (aka emphasized) tags has been helpful.

    In case it may also be of use, hyperlinks can be done as follows:

    1. Link to Document on a Different Site

    <a href=’http://forum.onlineopinion.com.au/thread.asp?article=3999#25517′>link to document on ‘Online Opinion'</a>

    … gives :

    link to document on ‘Online Opinion’

    2. Link to Document on the Same Site

    <a href=’/index.php/archives/2005/12/14/after-the-riots#comment-39976′>link to Sheila N’s most current contribution</a>

    … gives :

    link to Sheila Nu2019s most current contribution

    3. Link to Location within the Current Document

    <a href=’#comment-39945′>link to previous explanation of tags</a>

    … gives :

    link to previous explanation of tags

    (Note none of the above work properly in in the ‘Preview’. Hopefully they will work after I hit the ‘Submit Comment’ button)

    Note : Whilst either double quotes(“) or single quotes(‘) can be used within hyperlink tags, I have found, for reasons unknown, that hyperlink tags with double quotes often don’t work properly on this site (http://johnquiggin.com). So, always use single quotes within hyperlink tags on this site as I have done.

    Where does ‘#comment-39945’ come from?

    If you are able to look at the document source for the page (on Firefox, go to View -> Page Source. Can’t say how to get it on Micro$oft Internet Explorer), you will find, at the start of each contribution, a tag which looks something like:

    <li class=”alt” id=”comment-39945″>

    (For some reason, these tags work with double quotes.)

    On some other sites, for example, the Online Opinion site, the source code will include slightly different tags :

    <a name=”25517″>

    … which, incidentally, happens to be the more traditional form of html ‘anchor’ tag. The former form, which makes use of the ‘id’ attribute, seems to be becoming more widely used these days.

    In the first case, construct your ‘href’ attribute value by adding a hash (#) character and then the value of the ‘id’ attribute.

    In the second case, construct your ‘href’ attribute value by adding a hash (#) character and then the value of the ‘name’ attribute.

    If you omit, for example, ‘#comment-39945’ from the ‘href’
    attribute, the link will take you to the top of the page. If you include it, the link will take you to the part of the document where the tag containing that value is to be found.

  6. PrQ,
    Perhaps an FAQ section would be useful, containing the contents of comments like James’ above, that we could refer any site newbies to. This could also then have a listing of the barred words, preferred site etiquette etc. It would save some effort in replying regularly to points raised if we could just say (for example) ‘go to https://johnquiggin.com/faq‘.

  7. I think something in the cofiguration of WordPress needs to be fixed. As I have just e-mailed to Professor Quiggin:

    It appears that a hyperlink such as


    … is translated into :


    … which clearly can’t work.

    The current page seems to have been prepended onto the URL in the ‘href’ attribute.

  8. AR, an FAQ is on my list of jobs to do.

    JS, this must be a bad effect of the rewrite rules. I’ll see what I can do.

  9. All three seem to work, but in the preview it gives differing outcomes in the status bar on IE.

    Can you do the same on Firefox? I can’t on this machine.

  10. Apparently, there is a plugin to allow quicktag buttons in comments but it broke with WP2.0. If it comes back, I’ll install it.

  11. Andrew wrote : just doing it without the quotes seems to work.

    Andrew, the rewriter, evidently adds double quotes if no quotes are used. The source code for ‘Test without quotes’ is :
    <a href=”http://usa.cricinfo.com/db/NEW/LIVE/frames/RSA_AUS_T3_02-06JAN2006.html” rel=”nofollow”>Test without quotes</a>

    … giving :

    Test without quotes

    … and single quotes remain as single quotes and double quotes remain as double quotes.

    Not surprisingly, all three links work on Firefox.

  12. Interesting – I stopped using the quotes a while ago when I had this problem. I am using firefox at home, so I can see the difference here.

  13. I used to use that formatting for links on this site and still do on other sites. I stopped using it a while ago because the live preview disagreed with what the final comment looked like and I ended up with a few messy posts. Seems like it is working again so I will resume putting up links.

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