Easter running late this year?

It’s nearly Australia Day, and my local Coles has only just got the Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns on sale. This slackness was apparently due to delays in clearing out the mince pies from Christmas las year.

9 thoughts on “Easter running late this year?

  1. Yeah, last yar the Coles in the Myer Centre had their Easter dispalys up before New Year’s (seriously).

  2. Would it be cynical to suggest that if celebrations such as Christmas and Easter did not exist in our society, corporations would invent them?

    Oh wait, Santa Claus and coke, and I wonder why the painted hardboiled eggs become chocolate…

  3. Is it too obvious to point out that easter is in fact running 3 weeks late (compared with last year).

  4. Did anybody notice that the retailers were late with Christmas in 2005. It was nearly December before I noted any of the usual Christmas trim.

  5. Terje,
    You do not live in WA, then. The Perth City Council had its Christmas stuff up before the end of October.

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