Pakistan earthquake appeal

It’s more than three months since Pakistan suffered a devastating earthquake, with huge loss of life, and still many people are in desperate need of help. Much of the aid promised in the immediate aftermath has not materialised (sadly, this often happens). You can read more here.

So with most people back from the Christmas break, I thought this would be a good time for another fundraising appeal. Given some of the mammoth comments threads we’ve seen lately, I thought about reviving the “cash for comment” idea, but I decided to stick with the simpler plan of matching funds.

Please give as much as you can afford to a Pakistan earthquake appeal of your choice (I’m giving to Oxfam), and send a comment or email advising me of the amount. I’ll match the total amount given, up to $1000.

Remember that all this is tax-deductible, so the final cost to a taxpayer on the top marginal rate is only $50 cents for a final donation (counting my matching money) of $200. Or someone on the 30 per cent rate could give $50 and get $15 back, a net cost of $35 for an effective donation of $100.

Update Tuesday 0830 Already a total of $600 has been raised, with generous $100 contributions from Harry Clarke, James Farrell and (by email) Steve Edwards.

31 thoughts on “Pakistan earthquake appeal

  1. Thanks, James and Harry for your generosity.

    To Louis Hissink, this comment went to moderation and I decided on reflection to post it. If someone is spoofing your address to make you look bad, please advise me and I’ll delete it with a note.

  2. **** You’re a generous and compassionate man, Pr Q.

    $50 to the Red Cross/Crescent from here.

    Far short of the top tax bracket thoguh, I’m afraid.

    I’ve deleted a response to “Louis Hissink” in line with my general policy on civilised discussion and on the off-chance that he’s being spoofed. I’m sure we all share the same reaction to the comment above, but I don’t think it can be expressed in terms consistent with my policy. I honestly hoped that a charity appeal would get us away from this kind of thing for a while. – JQ

  3. Remember that all this is tax-deductible, so the final cost to a taxpayer on the top marginal rate is only $50 cents for a final donation (counting my matching money) of $200. Or someone on the 30 per cent rate could give $50 and get $15 back, a net cost of $35 for an effective donation of $100.

    With family tax benefits my EMTR is closer to 80%. So for a $100 donation I will effectively get back $80 in reduced taxation.

    A worthy cause but I don’t think I will be giving on this occasion.

  4. Claire and I have donated $20.00 to Oxfam. She is asleep now, back from nurse night shift but I am sure she will cough up for her share when I put it to her nicely. We dont earn enough to bother claiming tax deductions on charitable donations.

    But there is no such thing as an free lunch when RWDB’s put their hands in their pockets. Pr Q can do even more good if he is prepared to jump through a specially prepared ideological hoop that I have fiendishly constructed just to torment people of his ideological bent.

    If he posts a short blog comending that part of Charles Murray’s work (on sociology of the underclass, differential pyschometry and comparative cultural history) that can be validated as scientific then I will personally double this contribution. This seems only right given the lop sided adverse attention this extraordinary academic has received in this, and like minded, quarters recently. (Self defence note: I have some reservations about Murray’s work too.)

    It is really win-win since an overly maligned scholar will get a fairer go and some miserable Pakistanis will receive shelter from the storms. I urge other RWDB contributors to use this opportunity carve their ounce of flesh off Pr Q’s ideological hide, whilst the going is good.

  5. Jack, the only thing of Murray’s I’ve read was The Bell Curve on which you know my views. In the spirit of charity, I’m willing to read another book by Murray which you can nominate,but with no guarantee as to my reaction. If that’s worht $20 to you, I’ll be happy to match it.

  6. I like where this is going. I’ll chuck in another (don’t have to match) $50 for JQ to read and review “All The Trouble in the World” by P.J. O’Rourke. Or “The First Crusaders” by Jonathan Riley-Smith. Or maybe “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” by Antony Sutton. Haven’t made up my mind yet…

  7. What weird timing. I put in $200 the day before your posting. I guess that doesn’t qualify for a matching donation. Still, a nice gesture on your part.

  8. I gave $150 to the ACTU’s Union Aid Abroad – Pakistan Earthquake Appeal. It’s to late to make it conditional – but I wish I could tie it to you NOT writing a post on Charles Murray (I’ll make up Jack Strocchi’s donation). Delusions about the ‘scientific’ nature of Murray’s ideas only persist because certain people’s politics mandate that human inequality is eternal. Indulging them is pointless and tiresome.

  9. $30 to Oxfam. If you’re indulging cash-for-comment, I’d request a post on John Howard’s attitude(s) towards Nelson Mandela.

  10. $20 to Oxfam – sorry it’s so little. (Daughter and I have dental & orthodontical issues at the moment, leading to a huge and painful $$ extraction from the hip region.)

  11. $50 to Oxfam from me (this adds to some I gave to people doing TrailBlazer, but that’s to Oxfam generally, so I’m acting on the assumption that that wouldn’t count either). Good idea, John.

  12. €20 to SPR (Finnish Red Cross) for Asian earthquake victims from me.

    You’re a commendable person JQ.

  13. I’m not stingy, just impoverished. But so you know I donated:

    “Tilauksesi tai lahjoituksesi

    Tilauksenne on käsitelty”

    (From SPR)

  14. Oxfam now has fifty Aussie bucks from me, too. Thank you for the timely reminder of the situation in Pakistan.

  15. John,

    Thank you your support and reminding people that the Pakistani’s are still in great need.

    I’ll be volunteering in Muzaffarabad for two months with experienced releif workers, so although I can’t spare the cash I do appreciate you highlighting the cause.

    Again, big thankyou.

  16. I will donate moeny to disaster relief in Pakistan when it stops spending money on Nuclear weapons.

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