Reader and occasional commenter Paul Knapp advises me that he’s set up a site called NewsBump. It’s modelled on US sites such as Digg, where participants nominate stories of possible interest and others can rank them, pushing the interesting ones to the top of the page. The focus is on Oz current affairs. Free registration required for participation. Go and take a look.

I picked up this story, saying that 55 per cent of Americans think the Iraq war was a mistake. Given the frequency with which opponents of the war have been told we are “anti-American”[1], it’s good to know that the majority of Americans are in the same boat, as they have been for some time now.

fn1. For some reason, war supporters seem to have a bit of amnesia about this. So here a couple of links, one from Australia and one from the US. There are plenty more if you look, along with variants like “pro-Saddam”.

21 thoughts on “NewsBump

  1. One of my current personal heroes is a member of the US Marine Corps (Major Michael Mori). How could I be anti-American to think a USMC officer is a hero?

    Why is it so hard for Iraq war supporters to get the simple premise of being able to be pro-American, but anti-Bush and his cronies? Why do they think that being anti-US imperialism means you must reject hollywood, jazz music, the internet etc. Why do we all have to be extreme rightwing f*cktards, like the minority of inbred morons that voted for GWB?

    Did Gerard Henderson ever use the term anti-american? He ruined my Friday morning yet again, with his whining precious pedantic shallow analysis of ‘the left’ on RN.

  2. I was shocked when confronted with the hard line American statement that its allies are infinitely indebted to them because the US develops such great technologies and spends excessive amounts on military engagement from which its allies (and trade partners and aid recipients) benefit, creating a huge free rider problem. In return, all of those countries are expected to invest large sums in developing technologies (such as Europe & wind energy), which when approaching positive returns, the US should take over, develop and promote more aggressively and win the lion’s share of the international trade which is the US’ right.

  3. It would never occur to most Americans to even wonder if they were anti-Australian, or anti-Canadian, or anti anything, much less talk about it. Or wonder if they were pro-Australian. Maybe it’s somewhat of a waste of time to worry about it so much. Why do non-Americans obsess over the possiblity of anyone thinking they are anti-anything?

  4. Fixed now, I think. But I also ran into a problem with the registration procedure. I got a message saying I would get an email, but it doesn’t seem to have come.

  5. It’s probably just lost in “email land” for a short while. Maybe my host’s mail server’s outgoing mail is down, or your’s incoming mail is slow or some other problem. If it doesn’t come in the next few hours let me know and I’ll resend it. You may also want to check that it hasn’t been caught by your spam filter.

  6. Unfortunately not extrodinaire enough to be able to give up the day job yet. Hope the honeymoon went well Armaniac.

  7. Prof. Quiggin:

    Where you been? Of course the majority of we Americans are anti-American. We voted for Gore didn’t we?

    We hate ourselves for our freedoms, don’t forget.

  8. I voted for Al Gore, but I don’t think that makes me or anyone else who voted for him, anti-American. Surely there are people who are anti-American but what is so shameful about being anti-American?

  9. Why do non-Americans obsess over the possiblity of anyone thinking they are anti-anything?

    Avaroo, here in Oz anti-Americanism is a rite of passage for lefties.

    If you have the misfortune of meeting one of these ignorant toads (and in certain circles here they constitute close to 100% of the population, so they’re hard to avoid), the first thing to ask is whether they have actually been to the US. 9 times out of 10 the answer is negative. At that point it usually takes about 60 seconds to make them look like complete fools.

  10. Dogz it’s not just an Oz leftie habit. In numerous countries there’s now a prominent anti-American sentiment. I travel a fair bit.. not long ago travelling in certain countries, I was with an American who pretended to be Australian too to make life easier for us all. Australians have generally been welcome in most places. Now however, thanks to recent events, Australians are starting to cop it almost as badly in numerous countries. Sometimes your only reprieve is to have an American there to cop it worse, heh.

  11. avaroo, OBVIOUSLY voting for Al Gore (as we both did) was anti-American. If it had not been, he would have been allowed to take the office he won.

    The American people did not want Al Gore, cleary the wrong people voted, and by voting wrongly they (we) PROVED we were anti-American by going against the wishes of the real Americans.

  12. No, Lettuce, voting for Gore was not anti-American. We do not elect our presidents based on the popular vote. We use the electoral college.

  13. Electoral college. Neither state supreme courts nor the USSC select the president. They can only rule on the enforcement of election law, which is what they did.

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