Category mistake

According to my local suburban paper, Western Brisbane has won more gold medals at the Commonwealth Games than either Canada or New Zealand. I’m sure Doreen Root would have something to say about this.

Although I’ve contributed nothing to this outcome beyond some desultory cheering at the TV set, and have never previously considered Western Brisbane as a distinct entity, I am, of course, filled with patriotic pride at this glorious victory.

6 thoughts on “Category mistake

  1. As a fellow denizen of the area, all I can say is “Go leafy western suburbs”. Where the swimmers get space to train with all the leaves in the pools, is beyond me. Plenty of trees for aerial work though.

  2. I always like the per capita medal counts. That always throws up some beauties – like Nevis & St Kits or somewhere being the best performer. Australia normally rates the best of any country with more than about 5 million.

  3. Crikey has drawn our attention to the fact that a comparison on a GDP to medal ratio shows the best performing countries at the non-event in Melbourne are Jamaica (1), Kenya (2), Cyprus (3) and Australia(4). On a per capita basis New Zealand leads the tally with Oz second.

    The biggest losers are Nine whose ratings have been dismal and Foxtel who at last count have sold around eleven $70 a pop “special” CG packages.

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