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Caz sums up my thoughts about walking, considered as a sporting event

You see, the “walk�, with all its stylized strangeness, has become more and more unnatural over the years. Sure, perhaps not as unnatural as the girl coming out of the well and through the television set in The Ring (the real version), but all the same, it was always a tad ungainly.

The walk, to my mind, is no longer just another silly walk, worthy, apparently of a medal; rather, it has morphed into a silly jog. I don’t care how they slice it, or how they rationalize it, the competitors are not walking – they are jogging, albeit in a very silly manner. They are no longer walking quickly; they are jogging slowly. It’s time for the walking events to leave the stadium on the grounds of being a fraud.

Her thoughts on wardar are also worth reading.

5 thoughts on “Posts I don’t need to write

  1. The Australian medal haul is monumentally embarrassing. I’m reminded of Her Majesty’s former Private Secretary, the Lord Charteris, when asked for his opinion on Sarah, Duchess of York – “vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.”

    I’m convinced that competitive walking success is pretty much available to anyone prepared to walk several miles a day in training looking like a total tool. That relatively few choose to do so is no doubt all to the benefit of those who do.

    Should a special medal not be struck for Sierra Leone which has managed to lose it’s entire team for the second Com Games in a row?

  2. I could not agree more about walking as a sport. The Ministry of Silly Walks was a good joke. How can the Sport of Silly Walks not be as well?

  3. Race walking has always provided more than its share of mirth, but its practitioners are more fanatical than any suicide bomber.

  4. It certainly looks silly, but so does the butterfly stroke.
    The complaint that “walking” is misnomer is reasonable, but the further complaint that the sport itself is ridiculous should be extended to many other events, in my unAustralian opinion.

  5. Yes, Eric, walking isn’t the only ridiculous “sport”. But let’s pick the low hanging fruit first, shall we?

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