45 thoughts on “50 Today !

  1. Happy birthday John.

    As far as how much you’ve got to go, a) the latest statistics I’ve seen suggest that if you make it to 65, you’re expected to make it to about 82 on average (and that’s probably dragged down a little by the appalling third-world health outcomes of the Aboriginal people).

    Secondly, as somebody who is close to the top of your chosen profession, there is some evidence to suggest you’ll live longer because of it – as famously demonstrated in the Oscar winners live longer study.

  2. Happy Birthday

    If you really want to know, channel 7 once hosted a show called living longer and had the quiz up on their website too (I don’t know if it still exists) where you answer a bunch of questions and it predicts how long you’ll live.

    My result was the age of 71

    Happy 10th birthday – Life begins at 40

  3. Happy birthday Professor!

    I had a fortune teller on the streets of Delhi tell me I’m going to live until 92.

  4. Happy Birthday JQ! You are lucky enough to share your birthday with my Dad. He has 15 year headstart …. first to 100 wins!

  5. Happy birthday, Prof Q! Exactly one month older, but no doubt several years wiser, than I.

  6. Happy birthday John,

    Given your sensible aversion to Creationism, you needn’t waste any time with the dubious life passage indicators in “three score years and 10.”

  7. Bloody hell, a 50 year old blog? So while Bill Haley and the Comets were singing “See ya later alligator”, some poor bastard was “wiring” out economic missives in the name of Pro Q.

    Eat poo Berners-Lee, the interweb started in ’56.

  8. Many happy returns Prof, congratulations.

    Top of your profession, top blog, top bloke!

  9. Happy Birthday John

    I’ve heard that 50 is the new 40. If everything goes according to plan I too should be in a position to voice an authoritative position on this myself before the end of the year…

    Congratulations on maintaining a strong level of integrity and equanimity over the period.



  10. The bearded Quiggin is a clever bird.
    Loves the heat and aint no nurd.
    Off to work, ‘fore crack of dawn.
    Sparrows fart is when he’s drawn.

    50 now and beard for nest.
    When he carks it, you never can guess.

    Have a good one jq.

  11. Something wrong:

    Happy Birthday.

    From 7 2 to double 52, seems to have taken no time at all. No wonder I am disorientated!

  12. Bah, humbug. It’s downhill all the way after 25 (and you should never trust anyone over the age of 10, except the autistic).

    What may be worse is, mortality other than from outside causes increases exponentially (apart from an exponential decrease in infant mortality causes). That means that your next phase will use you up quicker.

    But there is a bright side. Different organs age at different rates, and since we don’t have to cope with horrible toxins from natural foods obtained by simple lifestyles, your liver can expect to be improving until you drop – if you don’t insult it yourself.

    So knock a few back. You won’t even feel as bad in the morning as you used to, since chronic brain shrinkage means the acute swelling won’t matter so much.

  13. Is that 50 human years or 50 economist-adjusted years?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas John!

  14. Happy birthday, John. Oh, and you brought up the half-century with a stroke to the boundary in the form of a fine op-ed in the AFR today.

  15. I missed your birthday notice before I posted elsewhere on your blog, but best wishes for the rest of your life, which I hope will be long.

  16. Now you’ve earned the title of “Good Ol’Prof!”
    Happy (very) belated B’day!

    My slow recovery from a looong weekend festival made me miss the notice. Better late… hey? 🙂

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