Ideas Festival

I’m giving two talks at the Ideas Festival this weekend, both paired with blogger and economist Andrew Leigh. At 11:45 today it’s

Who will serve?
Who will be the worker of the future, where will they come from and how old will they be

at the Cremorne Centre, QPAC, Southbank

and at 1:30 tomorrow Gross national happiness in the Recital Hall.

It’s been great so far. I missed Cory Doctorow’s talk, but I got the chance to meet him and discuss DRM and related issues. More on this soon, I hope.

4 thoughts on “Ideas Festival

  1. John, you’re obviously a big box-office draw, as despite being there earlyish for the 1.30 session today, I couldn’t get a seat.

    Were any of your sessions recorded for potential broadcast?

  2. It would be great if the organisers could record the speeches and make them available on their website in mp3 format so that people outside of Brisbane could share in the experience.

    Late Night Live put the debate on Big Ideas/Small Ideas up on their website which was nice to be able to listen to.

  3. John

    really enjoyed the talk (would have liked to have heard someone from the govt saying how exactly they want people to work longer in their lives when many firms see no value in keeping / attracting older workers / work their young people into early retirement). in it you made mention of a fin review article where employers were salivating at the prospect of all the freedom to sack troublesome employees (or similar words).
    I was wondering if you could please pass on the title and date of the article as it would be really interesting to read in full.

    thank you.

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