Accountability theory at work

When the Cole Commission began inquiring into AWB, past experience of the operations of this government yielded the following conclusions

* Both Downer and Howard knew that the AWB was paying kickbacks to the Iraqi regime

* This information was transmitted in a way that preserves deniability, so no conclusive proof will emerge

* No government minister will resign

* Endless hair-splitting defences of the government’s actions in this matter will emerge from those who have previously made a loud noise about Oil for Food.

With only Howard, master of the straight bat defence, still left to appear, all of these conclusions have been borne out. The offices of senior ministers were flooded with dozens cables and other communicaitons warning them of AWB activities yet, as far as the official record is concerned, no one ever looked into these any further than to ask for, and receive, a flat denial from AWB. It’s obvious that they knew enough not to ask any official questions that might produce inconvenient answers, but as predicted, no conclusive proof of this has emerged. Resignations appear to be out of the question. The theory of accountability remains in force.

148 thoughts on “Accountability theory at work

  1. SATP,

    The cure for ignorance has never been easier.

    You should try Google sometime.

    “Results 1 – 10 of about 75,800 for rwdb. (0.44 seconds)”

    As you can see it took only 0.44 seconds, a short time even for a hard working chap like your good hostelry-bound self.

  2. Thanks Katz. I have never been a very enthusiastic member of the “I read it on the internet, so it must be true” club.

    This time I will use a search engine to look up your acronym.

    Ray White Double Bay
    Regional Workforce Development Board
    Real World Data Base
    Right of Way Design and Building

    There are lots of matches to the acronym, RWDB, used in similar context to your usage, but none really clarify it. However the meaning is clear as mud.

  3. By using Google to increase the breadth of my ignorance I find Katz is a Hebrew acronym of Cohen Zedek (“rightful priest”).

    That explains a lot.

  4. QED on the previous replies fellas.

    To quote myself:

    “For the rest of us any responses may provide an interesting test as to whether RWDBs are more emotionally constipated than they are intellectually challenged.”

    I believe that our RWDB interlocutors are proving that their emotional constipation edges out their intellectual incapacity.

    Test over.

  5. Is RWDB a term of endearment (kind of like “bastard” if your an aussie) or a severe insult?

  6. Its more a badge of honour; lefty luvvy types are furious when the epithet is well accepted among us dysfunctional types.

  7. RDBWs are self-identified. Tim Blair, I notice, hawks a RWDB lapel pin.

    I suppose in a way RWDBs are endearing in a way, like the runts of the litter that never quite overcome their incontinence issues, but nevertheless play a mean banjo.

  8. Now I have to ask if “lefty luvvy” a term of endearment or a severe insult?

    I do remember a time (ie when I was at Uni I think) when the term “right-wing” was a lable always applied in disgust. I remember thinking “hey I am right wing in a lot of my views” and wondering if it would be dangereous to come out of the closet. The fear of being a social outcast quickly gave way to the joys of being a beacon for humanity.

  9. “Reality check Observa: If what you are saying is correct, why on earth did the US attack Iraq?”

    I’m reminded of the answer by Iran quite frequently and the fact that I don’t think FFO sanctions will work there either. Perhaps a UN resolution and nuclear weapons inspectors, enforced by the unusual suspects, China, Russia, and the Arab States eh Katz? Perhaps their subtle, nuanced expertise in this area would work wonders for the UN?

  10. Again I invite RWDBs to distance themselves from Bush’s disastrous policies.

    I believe that our RWDB interlocutors are proving that their emotional constipation edges out their intellectual incapacity.

    RDBWs are self-identified. Tim Blair, I notice, hawks a RWDB lapel pin.

    Does the third quote imply that the first to were directed at Tim Blair?

  11. No, but I’d be happy to include Tim Blair.

    I stopped visiting his site months ago when it became clear that the only people who were allowed to post could prove that their IQs were represented by a smaller number than their shoe sizes.

    The lapel pin info was kicked up by that Google search I so helpfully, but fruitlessly, performed for SATP.

  12. Tim Blair is interesting, he writes well, tongue in cheek, has unsurpassed sub-editing skills and is generally quite good humoured.

    The bulk of his commenters however are quite possibly frothing at the mouth. Anyone who does not post a fawning comment & say some nasty things about “lefties” is likely to be banned. One of the few (or the only) mainstream blog where a sane and thoughtful comment will get one banned, abused and then the abusers commence a circle jerk over how they saw off the interloper.

  13. Katz: I could do with another secretary. However workchoices or no, someone who does a search, & brings to me only a description of how to go about the method of the search, will not last long enough to be said to have been sacked.

    My workplace runs on results. Secretaries who perform a search bring accurate answers to me, not a narrative of how they sat at a computer & pressed some keys.

  14. Katz: You cannot set tests for someone who does not answer to you. Rather a textbook case of your self-perception colliding with reality.

    Interesting that your “test” achieved only an own goal, demonstrating a lack of marketable skills.

  15. I have found below article in NY Times March 7, 2001,
    The question is did anyone write about that in Australia
    when there was time for it?

    Iraq Is Running Payoff Racket, U.N. Aides Say

    ABSTRACT – Iraqi officials have apparently begun in recent months to
    demand kickbacks and illegal commissions on contracts for essential
    civilian goods bought from foreign companies under United Nations
    supervised ‘oil for food’ program; awash in cash from high oil prices
    over last year, Iraq has become attractive market for numerous foreign
    companies, some of which are apparently willing to pay for privilege of
    securing business there; United Nations officials say that Saddam
    Hussein is esssentially diverting money intended to help population
    suffering from sanctions into slush fund for himself and his
    associates; scheme parallels more established practice of adding
    illegal surcharges to each barrel of oil sold; Sec Gen Kofi Annan,
    issuing report on oil-sales program, again warns Iraq and buyers of
    crude oil that surcharges are not permitted and that no payments of any
    kind should be made to non-UN accounts; Annan’s report does not touch
    on broader problem of illegal payments and kickbacks, which has only
    recently come to UN attention; photo (M)

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