This week on the RSMG website

Lots of interesting stuff, so pay a visit and comment. Policies are the same as here, but with a stronger preference for academic discussion as opposed to polemical arguments about policy.

Goyder’s line moving south

Growing Marijuana

Natural Resources Conference 2006

The $500 million rule for the Murray-Darling Basin

Reusing legacy Linear Programming models

More money for the Murray

3 thoughts on “This week on the RSMG website

  1. $500 million is such a nice neat figure. I wonder how they came up with that number? Was it the result of a detailed cost benefit analysis and a comparison with other national priorities and the corresponding cost/benefit analysis of those alternatives. Or was it just a whimsical number plucked from the air. Surely our governments don’t spend money on a whim like joe public does.

  2. The detailed cost benefit analysis would have been the number of votes that could be bought. I know it sounds cynical.

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