Eponymous blogs

I’m reading Learning the World by Ken McLeod (available here) and it turns out that the title is that of a blog* written by one of the characters. This is the first time I’ve seen a novel named for a blog – are there any other instances.

Also striking is the fact that, even though the human characters in the book are inhabitants of a spaceship large enough for millions of people and capable of traversing interstellar distances, blog technology doesn’t appear to have advanced much since 2003. They have RSS feeds mailing lists and comments, or course. There’s some sort of of mental direct viewing technology as well, but nothing much new for blogs as such.

This raises the question: If we disregard technical feasibility, what kinds of wishlists do people have for improvements in blogs? Or is the form already so mature that any real improvement would change it into something else altogether?

* Well, “biolog”, but I don’t know if that’ll catch on any time in the next 5000 years.

4 thoughts on “Eponymous blogs

  1. We see more and more people incorporating video files in their blogs. As phonecam technology gets better this will likely increase people in turning their blog into something closer approximating a TV channel reflecting their life and interests.

    People with health problems could keep a real time healthblog that their medico could check at any time and perhaps administer treatment through. Some sort of wristwatch contraption could do all the monitoring and connectivity.

    Better translation software will make blogs in other languages more accessible. But probably no more intelligible.

  2. It is of little surprise that blog technology/blogging should not have advanced much further relative to other technologies considering the level it has attained in the last twenty years due to inputs from commenters, who one day will be considered legends.

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