58 thoughts on “Monday message board

  1. Jesus H Christ.

    I ask you for your interpretation of the report made by the Employment Advocate to the Senate Estimates Committe, and your response is

    I am only taking the Employment Advocate’s word for it SJ.

    His word for what?

  2. The argument is against the lowering of wages and conditions in this country through the importation of semi slave labor to pressure people who have few rights in the workplace whilst using refugees as a ruse to divert attention and to demonise desperate people.

    That reminds me; under the accord Bob Hawke encouraged workers to lower their wage claims (as inflation ate away the real value of existing wages) in return for reduced taxation. A clever linkage.

  3. This Employment Advocate?

    STEPHEN LONG: Peter McIlwain heads the Government’s Office of the Employment Advocate. It studied what he says is a “representative sample” of AWAs filed in the first month of the New Act.

    “contrary [whizz] to [whizz] media [whizz] reports [whizz…]” noted Steve.

  4. I see s.t.a.b. you spend all your time here because everyone ignores your own blog.They understand that you have very little to say.

  5. I am only taking the Employment Advocate’s word for it SJ.

    Hmm, so the “employment advocate” set up by Kevin Andrews’ department isn’t critical of Kevin Andrews department’s IR “reforms”? Wnat. a. surprise. (Rolling eyes)

  6. Very likely Helen, public servants are occassionally very good at getting unspoken messages, and Kevin Andrews is a particularly vindictive & dogged zealot at times.

    There are 3 things the Employment Advocate said which were missed by all media outlets yesterday:
    That only 250 AWAs have been looked at when considering his report
    That conditions may have been negotiated IN as well as OUT.
    That caution should be taken to not jump to conclusions

    Muskiemp, please provide information on how you got to my site counter, as I have trouble getting to it. Beyond that you are entitled to your own opinion, though it says a lot about you that you don’t keep it to yourself.

  7. Steve if you can’t do better than “snort” over problems with the sample size and can’t agree with the very person whose word you’re taking then it’s looking like you don’t get stats and you don’t get argument from authority.

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