Yogyakarta earthquake appeal

I’ve been asked to post this appeal for help with the Yogyakarta earthquake from a group of international students* located in Java and therefore in a position to provide immediate assistance, which they are currently doing at their own expense.

* The writer of the letter is a friend of one of my postdoctoral fellows, Nanni Concu, so there’s no need to worry about the bona fides of the appeal.

Dear Friends and Family

As you would all already know, Yogyakarta and surrounding areas have been severely affected by a major earthquake early Saturday morning. Medical supplies, water and food are severely lacking in those villages which have still not been able to receive emergency assistance.

There are currently many emergency efforts being organized. If you have already donated thank you! ˆ you have probably already saved some lives.

For those of you who would like to make a direct contribution now, we at ACICIS (Australian Consortium for In Country Indonesian Studies) in conjunction with other international students are currently coordinating an emergency response effort to organise direct relief to the most remote villages which are currently receiving little assistance. We are purchasing supplies that we think are most needed, based on information from those of us who have visited those areas, and advice from other contacts here.

At this stage, we believe supporting ACICIS directly is the most effective way to support our efforts because we have a committed team of young Australians on the ground, with language skills, knowledge, and local contacts. We are also coordinating our efforts with other groups and organizations.

ACICIS students are spending all the personal cash we currently have in our bank accounts, but are desperately in need of more. If you are in a position to donate funds, it would be greatly appreciated. A few Australian dollars can make a big difference.

The easiest way for us to get cash to buy medical and other emergency relief supplies is for you, our family and friends, to make transfers directly to our Resident Director‚s account in Australia. This avoids unnecessary fees for transferring to foreign accounts, and avoids the confusion of receiving transfers to a number of different accounts. Phil King, the Resident Director, will be able to supply an account statement to show that all funds arriving into this account have been spent in the next few days. This is the best we can do in the short time available to us to act now.

The details of Phil‚s account are as follows:

Philip King
Illawarra Mutual Building Society (IMB)
BSB: 641 800
Account No: 200171941

Keep in mind the time lag on bank transfers – at least one day, so if you intend to donate, please make the transfer as quickly as possible. We would appreciate if you could forward this email to those you think may want to help.

Yours faithfully

Bec Duffy

3 thoughts on “Yogyakarta earthquake appeal

  1. FWIW I can confirm that this is legit, having received the same details from a friend who was previously with ACICIS.

  2. Hallo

    we live at Yogyakarta, we lost everything that we ever have…
    we need for your help to hang on.
    any help can be transfered to :
    Bank Central Asia Yogyakarta
    Acount Number 0372 443 403
    Name : Exwantoro

    Small help from you can save our life

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