Darfur appeal

Among the many terrible things happening in the world at the moment, the situation in Darfur remains among the grimmest. The various rebel groups, the government and the pro-government militias are all more interested in power than in helping their people, and the world’s governments aren’t doing much better. The latest news is that food rations for the World Food Program were cut in half in May, though they’ve been partially restored since then, with Australia among the donors. Medecins Sans Frontieres has details.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of contributing directly, but readers might email Alexander Downer a.downer.mp@aph.gov.au to urge a further expansion of emergency food aid. In the mean time, I’m appealing for donations to Medecins Sans Frontieres, who are doing important work in Darfur and other places. Usual deal: I’ll match all donations up to a total of $500. Readers can either report donations, or join me in matching others. I’ll run this until Saturday morning.

I’ll also remind people of the Yogyakarta earthquake appeal. THe ACICIS student appeal details are here. CARE Australia is also running an appeal.

8 thoughts on “Darfur appeal

  1. Shouldn’t that be “the world’s governments aren’t doing much better?

    ps put me down for $50.

  2. Ok this is the kick up the rear I need to drop in the $100 I’ve been meaning to.

  3. $50 from me plus I’ll match an extra $50 that someone else promises. thanks for raising this John. it is a truly appalling situation. UN food rations were cut in May to half – readers may not realise that this was a cut by 50% to the minimum food ration required for survival. The UN food program’s minimum would in any case be regarded in this country as a starvation diet. This meant that many people would have literally starved to death. The gap is being only partly filled by international efforts such as those you mention in the links, and more is needed.

  4. OK, $100 to MSF from me. You’re a compassionate man, Prof Q. And I do find the discussion on this blog interesting and often entertaining.

  5. Darfur and the LP MSF Comments Challenge…

    A couple of weeks ago, John Quiggin drew attention to the continuing humanitarian crisis in Darfur. Situations like this, or the famine in Niger, or the continuing civil violence in the DRC, or the plight of orphans with HIV/AIDS in Africa rarely hit t…

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