Plinth for Plinth’s sake

When I was first told by my wife about this story, I expected it would turn out to be an Internet factoid, probably much-circulated, melding the old stories of paintings hung upside down, works painted by ducks and hailed as masterpieces and so on. But the Independent’s account gives chapter and verse. The Royal Academy, having received a sculpture by one David Hensel with the plinth packed separately, decided to reject the sculpture and exhibit the plinth.

3 thoughts on “Plinth for Plinth’s sake

  1. Not wanting to sound too much of a lovey, but the plinth does look a great deal more interesting than the head which is pretty ordinary.

  2. What would art (its conventions and institutions) have to be like in order to guarantee, absolutely, that no mixup like this could ever occur?

    Just a thought experiment. There’s no danger of our going back. Therefore, stories like this are absolutely to be expected.

  3. The 2 parts were in fact delivered together, the mix up occurred during handling. What’s more, the Academy were informed of the mistake 4 days before the public opening but refused to change it, preferring their version.

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